Key Events

Mon Sep 1

Labor Day

Mon Oct 13

Columbus Day

Fri Oct 31


Sun Nov 2

Daylight Saving Time Ends

Tue Nov 11

Veteran's Day

Thu Nov 27


Thu Dec 25

Christmas Day

Thu Jan 1

New Year's Day

Mon Jan 19

Martin Luther King Day

Thu Jan 29

Orchestra Fest

Sat Feb 14

Valentine's Day

Mon Feb 16

President's Day

Sun Mar 8

Daylight Saving Time Begins

Tue Mar 17

St. Patrick's Day

Sun Apr 5



Superintendent’s Blog

  • TestimonialGraphic11.png

    Brookfield East Staff Member

    ... I am encouraged to be innovative and explore new teaching ideas to inspire student learning and achievement.

  • TestimonialGraphic12.png

    Pilgrim Park Staff Member

    ... the District encourages collaboration among educators in order to share best practices and determine how to incorporate them into our classrooms.

  • TestimonialGraphic13.png

    Brookfield Central Staff Member

    ... I appreciate that the District is proactive when addressing changes or trends in education.

  • TestimonialGraphic14.png

    Burleigh Staff Member

    ... I am so impressed by the positive attitude and positive energy that flows through the school on a daily basis.

  • TestimonialGraphic15.png

    Pilgrim Park Staff Member

    ... Elmbrook is constantly evolving and trying to compete on a larger, global scale which lends itself to new ideas and high standards.

  • TestimonialGraphic10.png

    Brookfield Central Parent

    ... the diversity in course offerings, co-curricular sports and activities, and service opportunities is truly very special. There is something for everyone.

  • TestimonialGraphic9.png

    Brookfield East Parent

    ... of the unique level of parent involvement and the support of the community! The schools in Elmbrook are one of the reasons, if not the reason, that we live in the city of Brookfield today!

  • TestimonialGraphic8.png

    Fairview South Parent

    ... we would not have found our school community in any other school district. The staff and the school touch families on a very personal level.

  • TestimonialGraphic1.png

    Pilgrim Park Parent

    ... although the students come from smaller elementary schools, the middle school house structure makes a large school feel a lot less overwhelming.

  • TestimonialGraphic7.png

    Wisconsin Hills Parent

    ... your student doesn’t necessarily have 8 different teachers in middle school, but they will have 3 or 4 core teachers that will really get to know your student.

  • TestimonialGraphic6.png

    Tonawanda Elementary Parent

    ... I feel the School District of Elmbrook has the ability to meet the needs of every child within its school system.

  • TestimonialGraphic5.png

    Dixon Elementary Parent

    ... the music and art program offered in elementary school stretches students beyond the core curriculum, creating a foundation that serves them well in middle and high school.

  • TestimonialGraphic4.png

    Burleigh Elementary Parent

    ... the teachers are very dedicated and passionate about what they do, insuring all kids succeed and feel good about themselves.

  • TestimonialGraphic3.png

    Brookfield Elementary Parent

    ... the teachers are committed to getting to know each child and help each student succeed.