District Excellence Videos

Engaged in Excellence Badge.png
Watch the "Elmbrook Engaged in Excellence" video which features students and staff members describing how we work with our community to deliver a top-tier education preparing all students for college, career and life.

Follow the “Excellence Profile" video links below featuring a few of the many students and staff members who were recognized for achieving excellence in 2014-15. All videos were produced by Brookfield East Class of 2015 graduate, Jacob Holiday.

Excellence Profile Videos

Benz, Laurie-01.png
Laurie Benz
Brookfield Elementary
Olson, Kristin-01.png
Kristin Olson
Tonawanda Elementary
Bullen Allie & Drew-01.png
Allie & Drew Bullen
Brookfield East H.S.
Peperkorn, Mark-01.png
Mark Peperkorn
Pilgrim Park M.S.
Chen, Anne-01.png
Anne Chen
Dixon Elementary
Raymonds, Peter-01.png
Peter Raymonds
Brookfield East H.S.
Daniel, Veronica-01.png
Veronica Daniel
Brookfield Central H.S.
Reddy, Advait-01.png
Advait Reddy
Brookfield Central H.S.
Hipp, Forest-01.png
Forest Hipp
Brookfield Elementary
Rhee, Julian-01.png
Julian Rhee
Brookfield East H.S.
Holiday, Jacob-01.png
Jacob Holiday
Brookfield East H.S.
Schmidt, Julia-01.png
Julia Schmidt
Brookfield Central H.S.
Horneffer, David-01.png
David Horneffer
Brookfield East H.S.
Selvaraj, Apoorva-01.png
Apoorva Selvaraj
Brookfield East H.S.
Jester, Emma-01.png
Emma Jester
Pilgrim Park M.S.
Sobczak, Madelynn-01.png
Madelynn Sobczak
Burleigh Elementary
Karbowski, Ben-01.png
Ben Karbowski
Brookfield Central H.S.
VanHaren, Tyler-01.png
Tyler VanHaren
Brookfield Central H.S.
Liu, Katherine-01.png
Katherine Liu
Wisconsin Hills M.S.
Yan, Zheng-01.png
Zheng Yan
Brookfield Central H.S.
Marinello, Mike-01.png
Mike Marinello
Swanson Elementary