Annual Goals

2014-2015 District Goals

District Goal #1: The percentage of K-8 students meeting both their Reading and Math MAP growth targets will increase from 52 % to 60 % by the end of the 2014-15 school year.

District Goal #2: The School District of Elmbrook will maintain an ACT composite score of 25.0 with 100% participation by the spring of 2017.

District Goal #3: In an effort to achieve financial stability, the Elmbrook School District will annually increase resident enrollment by at least 25 full-time student enrollments while maintaining at least 75% resident market-share.

District Goal #4: The percent of budgeted dollars spent on instruction will increase from 73% to 75% by 2017.

2014-2015 Committee Goals

Board Committee Goal #1: 100% of the Reporting and Accountability framework will be deployed annually.

Board Committee Goal #2: 100% of board policies will reviewed at least every three years.

Board Committee Goal #3 (specific to Teaching and Learning): 100% of the curriculum will be renewed every five years.