Board Elections

Notice of School Board Elections

Please click on the pdf below for the complete Board Election Legal Notice

Board of Education Legal Notice.pdf 

Current Candidate Information
for Two Board of Education Seats up for Election on April 7, 2015

Jean Lambert is the incumbent for the Area IV seat (Area IV is roughly the southeast quadrant of the District) that is up for election in 2015.

Meg Wartman is the incumbent for the At-Large seat that is up for election in 2015.

Please note that residents of the School District of Elmbrook elect all Board of Education members, and each Board member represents the entire School District. Therefore, any resident of the District who is eligible to vote may nominate one candidate for each office starting on December 1. Once a resident has nominated a candidate for either of the two seats up for election on April 7, 2015, that resident may not nominate another candidate for that same office but is welcome to nominate candidates for the other seat.

Updated: November 18, 2014

Board Candidate Informational Meetings

Two Board Candidate Informational  Meetings are being planned for December at the Central Administration Offices.

  • District residents interested in becoming candidates for the Board of Education will be invited to meet with the District's Deputy Clerks and Senior Leaders and a current Board member. Information about filing and functioning as a candidate and the commitment needed in being a Board member will be presented. Time for questions, answers and next steps will be provided.

Elmbrook Board of Education April 7, 2015 Election Q&A - Filing to Declare Candidacy - December 1, 2014 - January 6, 2015

Please click on the pdf below for a document listing frequently asked questions regarding filing for Board Candidacy.
Board Candidacy Q and A.pdf

Forms for Filing as a Candidate for the Board of Education

Click here for a listing of four sample forms that are available for potential candidates to review. These forms are also available at the State Elections Division website:

Voting Information

For instructions on obtaining a ballot and voting absentee, please click on the Municipal Clerks' offices listed below:

City of Brookfield

Village of Elm Grove

Town of Brookfield

City of New Berlin