Highlights & Achievements

ACT Scores

In 2011-2012 Brookfield Central proudly achieved a 25.1 average ACT composite score and an ACT participation rate of 85.6% (well above the state participation rate average of 60.7.6%.) The school three-time recipient of ACT's  Red Quill Award for outstanding ACT performance.



WKCE Scores

Brookfield Central High School students continue to score extremely well on standardized assessments relative to our benchmark districts and the state!
The Wisconsin Knowledge & Concepts Exam (WKCE) is given to all 10th grader students each year, and is one of many assessment measures used to monitor student academic progress and achievement. In 2012, the state of Wisconsin increased its standardized assessment benchmark scores needed to reach the proficient and advanced performance levels in the areas of mathematics and reading. The Elmbrook Schools embraces these new rigorous targets in math and reading, and continues to challenge all students to achieve proficiency in all subject areas!

While the state did not adjust the benchmark scores in the areas of Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, Brookfield Central students continue to perform well against our benchmark districts and the state average in all subjects. This level of performance demonstrates the District’s comprehensive curriculum and outstanding achievement results!

For more detailed analysis of student achievement data, visit theWisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools (WINSS). (http://winss.dpi.wi.gov/)