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Although avoiding slips, trips, and falls is important every day, inclement weather is right around the corner and we can lower our risky behaviors (walking too fast, inattention to surroundings) by taking action to prevent an injury by:

1. Wearing appropriate footwear
“Mom says don’t wreck your good shoes”

2. Walking like a penguin – don’t rush!
“Plan ahead, don’t be caught by the bell”

3. Using walkways that are cleared of hazards
“Snow banks are no short cut, when you fall”

4. Reporting unsafe conditions
“Expect the Unexpected and don’t wait for the next person”

SFM Resources:
Poster: Slips & Falls Poster

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Workers’ Compensation Information:

How to Report an Employee Injury

Safety Team

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Director of Facilities Management
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Director of Food and Nutrition
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Director of Student Services
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District Compliance Coordinator
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