Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources department. We serve the more than 1,100 highly qualified, highly motivated, and highly excited employees of the School District of Elmbrook. Did you know that in 2013, the School District of Elmbrook was ranked one of the top 100 places to work in the Metro Milwaukee Area?

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Elmbrook Careers

The School District of Elmbrook seeks to attract, develop and retain the best talent in Wisconsin in order to meet every student’s personal learning needs. Our staff development model; equipped with coaches, mentors, online learning resources and professional learning communities, prepares our staff for long-term success. Our performance feedback and compensation system identifies strengths and opportunities for growth, and includes both performance incentives and career pathways. Finally, our staff recognition program celebrates commitment, impact and excellence.

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Retiree Information

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Click here for the School District of Elmbrook FSA HRA HIPPA 2013 document
Click here for the Medicare D Creditable Prescription Coverage Notice for PPO & HRA 2013
Click here for the Medicare D Non-Creditable Prescription Coverage Notice for HSA 2013

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Human Resources Contacts

Kristin Sobocinski
Assistant Superintendent Business Services
262.781.3030 ext. 1142

Dan Pavletich
Director of Human Resources
262.781.3030 ext. 1176

Stacy Babl
Human Resources Manager
262.781.3030 ext. 1178

Lisa Jennaro
HR Services Coordinator
262.781.3030 ext. 1121

Kristin Mroz
Talent Acquisition Specialist
262.781.3030 ext. 1125

Julia Anderson
HR Services Assistant
262.781.3030 ext. 1158

Pat Felde
Executive Assistant - Human Resources
262.781.3030 ext. 1140

Eileen Zingale
HRIS/Payroll Data Analyst
262.781.3030 ext. 1136

Ben Farley
Training & Development Coordinator
262.781.3030 ext. 1186

Lori Golomski
Benefits Coordinator
262.781.3030 ext. 1129

Mary Kaminski
Benefits Coordinator
262.781.3030 ext. 1185