Strategy and Accountability

The District’s Mission, Vision and Core Values establish the foundation upon which the Elmbrook Schools’ strategy is developed.

During the 2012-13 school year, a new approach towards managing the District's strategy designed to align goals from the board room to the classroom. In March, more than 9,000 students, staff, parents, community members and alumni identified strengths and opportunities for improvement in three goal areas, as the District seeks to become:

  • A Great Place to Learn
  • A Great Place to Work
  • A Great School District

  • Key objectives were established for the goal areas and presented in a strategy map (below). Each objective is supported with key projects, metrics and reporting expectations to ensure purposeful work, direct accountability, and identifiable results. 

     2016-2017 Elmbrook Schools Strategy Map

    Strategy Map 2016-19 Final-01.png