College and Career Learning Experiences

LAUNCH at the Elmbrook Schools Innovation Collaboratory
Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, this will provide high school juniors and seniors with a unique learning experience that allows the opportunity to apply their learning through real-world, hands-on projects provided by area business and industry.  Working in project teams, students will be guided by highly-qualified staff and learn valuable skills in high-demand college and career fields of study.  [*Please see the Innovation Collaboratory website]

Internship / Job Opportunity
This is an essential element of the district’s effort to provide a rapid up-skill program as well as an on-ramp to labor force participation.  Internships (typically paid) / a job will afford students with opportunities to fast forward into a possible future and fully immerse themselves into a professional culture, experience and solve real world problems, observe problem solving strategies used by employees, collaborate with employees, use industry standard tools, and be mentored throughout the process.  Students will develop a deeper appreciation of the business’s intricacies and how the parts fit together to order to truly deliver value to customers.  An internship is a shining example of how business, community, and public education partner to create personalized, relevant learning experiences that authentically prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

Mentorship/Job Shadow
A career exploration opportunity for students that occurs through planned on-the-job visitations in a student selected career field. Students may be…
  • provided with a tour conducted by the owner / a supervisor and/or walking and talking with various employees in order to get an overview of their work/responsibilities. 
  • allowed to conduct informational interviews
Students will be matched on an individual basis with an adult mentor working in the specific career area. This workplace learning experience can occur in one or multiple workplace settings during and/or outside of the school day.  [*Please see the BC/BE Course Offerings Guide for more information]

Other experiential learning opportunities to consider / that could be arranged include;
  • Course specific activities (e.g., solving real, rigorous, and relevant work-based problems / challenges that a business/industry provided to classroom instructors and students; site visits to business/industry work sites to engage with industry standard equipment/tools/supplies)
  • Specific career-centered clubs/co-curriculars (e.g., Robotics, DECA, etc.)
Other Personalized / Dual Credit Learning Opportunities:
Advanced Placement (AP)
AP courses are currently offered through the Art, Computer, English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science Departments. These courses offer curriculum defined by The College Board. AP courses are equivalent to college level curriculum and require approximately nine to ten hours of out-of-class time per week. The Advanced Placement Examinations are offered in the spring and may be taken by any high school student as well as those enrolled in the Advanced Placement course. Based on their Advanced Placement test score, students may be eligible for college credit or meet post-secondary prerequisite course requirements upon enrollment. All Advanced Placement courses are weighted.

Please see the High School Course Offerings Guide for more information