About Us

The Elmbrook Education Foundation (formerly known as the Lancer-Spartan Scholarship Foundation) was organized in 1958 to award scholarships to select Elmbrook School District high school graduates. In 1999, the Foundation's mission expanded to include innovative teacher grants for projects that would benefit all students. raise money to support and strengthen outstanding learning ideas that improve the overall educational quality of our public schools.

Since inception, the EEF has awarded over $1.000,000 in scholarships and grants  which enhance and extend the established curriculum and support projects that are beyond the District's budget.


“Supporting educational excellence and innovation for students in the School District of Elmbrook by building community and business partnerships."

2015 – 2016 Accomplishments

  • Created new lunch event and raised over $35,000 from that event.
  • Created golf outing and raised over $45,000 within two years.
  • Created “Experience Event” with new local restaurant, and raised over $5,500 from that event.
  • Supported largest Ladies’ Night attendance in 11 years of event.
  • Developed and fully funded Most Influential Educator event.
  • Expanded all Social Media opportunities.
  • Developed and cultivated relationships with business, government and organizational leaders throughout the community.
  • Created new Marketing Plan and Strategy.
  • Created Marketing Committee.
  • Created new Mission Statement.
  • Created Annual Report.
  • Developed Annual Campaign.
  • Developed Legacy Fund and Legacy Fund Committee.
  • Developed Summer Intern position in to year round opportunity for Business focused Senior.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with Foundations across Wisconsin.
  • Recruited and retained Board Members.
  • Evaluation of Scholarship and Grant software