Web Resources: Reading & Writing

Resources to Support Reading

kami screenshot

  • Document viewer, annotation software
  • Works on all browsers
  • Integrates with Google Drive
  • Use to support reading and responding to content
  • Video - using Kami with Snap&Read Universal and/or Co:Writer Universal

rewordify screenshot

  • free website developed by a special education teacher and former computer programmer
  • helps students read complex passages
  • use to rephrase complex terms
  • alternatively, highlights complex terms and provides synonyms when hovering cursor over word
  • Video Tutorial - 3 minutes
  • free, online tool for summarizing and simplifying text
  • extremely user-friendly, requires no login
  • copy/paste digital text into the box, use slider to determine percentage of text you want to end up with, view simplified text
  • use as a tool to help struggling readers of all ages.
  • works best with non-fiction text
  • Video tutorial - 1.5 minutes