Project Strive

Project STRIVE (Specialized Transition Recreation Independent Living & Vocational Experiences) is an adult transition service for 19-21 year-old young adults in the School District of Elmbrook with cognitive disabilities and/or autism. The program focuses solely on transition goals and priorities to further develop independent living skills, social communication, vocational abilities, and recreational activities. Project STRIVE will work with various outside agencies, such as the Department of Health Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, local transportation agencies, and community businesses. Project STRIVE will coordinate training from an apartment within the community.

Student Eligibility Requirements

    • Completed high school graduation requirements and must be 19 by September 1st of year entering Project STRIVE.
    • Eligible for DVR services
    • Documented disability of autism and/or cognitive disability
    • Willing to work a volunteer job
    • No significant behavioral concerns
    • Ability to participate with moderate adult supervision and assistance
    • Family open to assisting with transportation
    • Attend informational meeting in spring
    • Family and students meet with program instructors upon acceptance

Admission Criteria- Determined By The IEP Team

    1. Independent Self-Care Skills: Ability to take care of personal hygiene with minimal assistance.
    2. Community Safety: Ability to follow directions and exhibit safe behavior.
    3. Following Directions: Ability to follow directions with no more than two prompts.
    4. Socialization: Ability to interact with adults and peers in all environments: the apartment, community and a vocational setting

Further Information Contact:

Tanya Fredrich, Ph.D.
Director of Student Services
262.871.3030, ext. 1188

Sara Murdoch
Project STRIVE Lead Instructor

Megan Rindal
Elmbrook Schools Transition Coordinator