Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Department is committed to helping schools meet the needs of each and every student in our district.  Through rigorous and relevant curriculum to the facilitation of engaging learning scenarios in all of our classrooms, the Teaching and Learning Staff work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, students, board members and parents to ensure success and growth for all.

 Because we take the charge to reach every student, every time, all the time very seriously, we embrace the principles of personalized learning in all that we do - thoughtful lesson design using rigorous curriculum, assessment information to drive instruction, student voice and choice in the classroom, meaningful integration of instructional technology and other tools to engage students, and authentic and honest feedback to students about their learning and progress.  


Dr. Dana Monogue
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
262.781.3030 ext. 1110

Christy Westfall 
Executive Assistant 
262.781.3030 ext. 1183 

Ryan Oertel
Student Internship Coordinator 
262.781.3030 ext. 1111

Mike Sereno
Director of Secondary Education
262.781.3030 ext. 1115

Christy Schmid
Administrative Assistant to the Directors of Secondary Education
262.781.3030 ext. 1109

Emily Greiber
Director of Continuous Improvement & Elementary Education
262.781.3030 ext. 1112

Monica Bianco 
Summer School Coordinator & Administrative Assistant to the Director of Continuous Improvement & Elementary Education 
262.781.3030 ext. 1184

Jocelynn Polka
Enrollment Specialist and FOSS Center
262.781.3030 ext. 1117

Dr. Tanya Fredrich
Director of Student Services 
262.781.3030 ext. 1188

Chris Birr
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coordinator
262.781.3030 ext. 1118

Tricia Urlakis
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services and Special Education
262.781.3030 ext. 1190

Jen Townsend
Educational Consultant
262.781.3030 ext. 1147

Janelle Huber
Special Education Administrative Assistant
262.781.3030 ext. 1122