Academic and Career Planning

Why Academic and Career Planning?

Research suggests that meaningful student participation in a quality, on-going academic and career planning process can lead to the following:
  • Access to instruction and experiences needed to develop critical work/life skills, knowledge, and habits
  • Active student participation to determine how to meet his/her needs
  • Understanding skills, knowledge, and habits necessary to achieve his/her vision
  • More relevant course selection - enhancing each student’s understanding of the relevance of school courses and out-of-school learning opportunities
  • Increased engagement and motivation leading to better academic performance in school
  • Better understanding of post-secondary options - - providing the student with access to career development opportunities that incorporate self-exploration, career exploration, and career planning and management activities (ACP Process Phases: Know-Explore-Plan- Go)

What is the ACP Process?

What will students use to engage in the ACP process?
Naviance/Family Connection - The tool that our students use to help connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals, and improve college and career planning

What is Naviance Family/Connection?

Additional Naviance Resources:
Interest & Career Planning - Determine careers of interest and what values and strengths you have.
Success Planning - Define your goals and set up tasks for completion
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10th Grade ACP Conference

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