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Here Comes the Bus

Here Comes the Bus allows you to view the real-time location of your child’s school bus on your smartphone, tablet or computer. With it, you will have the information you need to send your children to the bus stop at just the right time. What’s more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your children haven’t missed the bus.

Here Comes the Bus is a free application and enables you to:

  • See the location of your child’s bus both before and after school

  • Confirm that your child’s bus has arrived at the bus stop, at school or both

  • Receive a push notification (iPhone or Android) or email message when the bus is near your stop, has been substituted, or when we have important information to relay


Available in three languages (English, Spanish and French), the Here Comes the Bus app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


How to get started:

  1. Download the Here Comes the Bus app* or visit herecomesthebus.com

  2. Click the  Sign Up button  button

  3. Enter school code 83571 and click “Next” followed by “Confirm”

  4. Complete the “User Profile” box

  5. Under “My Students,” click “Add.” Enter your child’s last name and student ID number

  6. Once you confirm your information, you’re ready to begin using Here Comes the Bus!


Should you have any questions about the Here Comes the Bus! app, please contact GoRiteway at 414-249-5048.