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Realtor Information

Area realtors may view the quick links below to find information for new and prospective Elmbrook families. Print materials are available by contacting Elmbrook Communications Specialist, Erin Kokta at koktaer@elmbrookschools.org or 262-781-3030 ext. 11169.

  • Schedule A Tour
    This page provides an opportunity for you to request a tour at any Elmbrook Schools. Once you have submitted the indicated information, you will be contacted to confirm dates and times for tours.
  • District Comparison Chart
    A comprehensive list of items your buyers may want to consider when shopping for schools.
  • Annual Report 2017-18
    An electronic copy of Elmbrook's most current annual report, detailing student achievement, co-curricular results and more.

    Realtor Mailing List, Presentations & More If you are interested in joining the Elmbrook realtor mailing list, having a presentation on the school district made to your real estate office, or providing feedback on district marketing efforts, please contact:

    Chris Thompson
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Elmbrook Schools
    262-781-3030 ext. 11163
    Become a part of the Realtor Advisory Council.