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2019-2020 Milestones

Milestones and Safety Goals for 2019-20

  • Deploy Raptor drill management software to schedule and track fire & safety drills
  • Update school reunification plan and conduct a reunification exercise
  • Train students and staff in the Standard Response Plan (to incidents and emergencies)
  • Update all school floor plans including locations of evacuation routes, shelters, first aid stations, etc
  • Put a school resource officer in Brookfield Central and East High Schools
  • Close out school safety grants, having allocated all of the funds to school safety improvements
  • Add a safety plan for the LAUNCH program site
  • Complete an initial safety assessment for all schools 
  • Aged portable analog radios replaced with digital portable radios in high schools and middle schools
  • Security camera projects finished at multiple schools
  • Emergency quick reference guides obtained for school offices
  • Emergency "go bags" in all classrooms updated with new supplies