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2020-2021 Milestones

Milestones and Safety Goals for 2020-21

  • Finished the school reunification plan and obtained supplies for a reunification kit. Planning a reunification exercise 
  • Safety Director awarded School Safety Coordinator certification from the Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association and WI Department of Public Instruction
  • Maps added to the school safety plans with floor plans and aerial maps of evacuation zones
  • Door exit signs added inside & outside at the schools to easily identify them and aid in coordination of staff and first responders to get to specific locations at the schools
  • Adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) from the iloveyouguys foundation.  SRP are response options in an emergency and are endorsed by the Wisconsin Office of School Safety.  SRP is incorporated into the School Safety Plan and training provided to students and staff every year
  • Schools use two way radios extensively to communicate operations during the day.  This year we completed outfitting the elementary schools with new digital radios with the secondary schools being completed last year
  • Added security cameras to Swanson, Burleigh and Tonawanda elementary schools and completed an evaluation for future needs for all of the schools security cameras
  • Joined the Speak Up Speak Out anonymous threat tip reporting system sponsored by the Wisconsin Office of School Safety and collaborate with the local police and School Resource Officers in threat detection and risk avoidance
  • Regular on site safety assessments for all of the schools by the safety director continue on an ongoing basis
  • Developing an after school safety plan and training for occupants of the school building after hours