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Board Elections

This webpage will be updated in November 2022 with the 2023 Election Information.


Areas of Apportionment

The membership of the Board of Education shall be apportioned according to the map designated as Practice Statement 8120 – Apportionment Map, with one Board member residing in each of the areas numbered I through IV and three Board members elected at-large, for a total of seven. Notwithstanding the plan of apportionment that creates special Board member residency requirements for some Board seats, all Board members are elected by a vote of the electors of the entire District, and represent the entire District.

The District’s current plan of apportionment assigns four of the Board seats to qualified electors who reside in a limited geographic area, and three At-Large Board seats for any qualified electors who reside anywhere within the territory of the District. A Board member shall be a resident of the District in which he/she serves. A member from an apportioned area shall be a resident of the apportioned area for which he/she is elected or appointed at the time the oath of office is taken.

A map and description of apportioned areas can be found in Policy 8120-Board Members and Elections.

Click here for previously provided information on Running for an Open School Board Seat.

For more information, please contact Christy Westfall at 262-783-2969 or email westfalc@elmbrookschools.org. Any concerns can be reported to Board Clerk Linda Boucher at boucherl@elmbrookschools.org or 262-789-7477.

Voting Information
For instructions on obtaining a ballot, polling locations and voting absentee, please click on the Municipal Clerks' offices listed below: