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Board Candidate Profiles

David Irwin, Sean A. Firmiss, and Sam Hughes are the candidates for the At-Large Seat and will appear on the Primary Ballot on February 21, 2023, after which, these three candidates will be narrowed to two. Scott Wheeler is the Area I Candidate, and Gregg Eberhardt and Preetha Kurudiyara are the candidates for the Area III Seat and will appear on the ballot on April 4, 2023. 

Each Board member represents the entire school district, therefore, residents should vote for one candidate for each seat. Candidates are listed below in the order that they will appear on the ballot. 

Disclaimer: Each candidate was asked to respond to the following two questions and their answers are posted here, unedited, as they were submitted to the District. The views and opinions expressed in these profiles are those of the candidates and may not necessarily reflect the official position of the School District of Elmbrook.

Area I

scott wheeler

Scott Wheeler

(Area I Incumbent)

4270 Peppercorn Circle
Brookfield, WI 53005

Why have you chosen to seek election to the Elmbrook Board of Education?

Recently there have been a lot of challenges in education. I’ve been, and will continue to be, an advocate for an academic-focused district, with outstanding extracurriculars, and schools that support families and students in learning and growing. Elmbrook has some of the best test scores and finances of any district in the state. But we can do even better, and I will help us get there! 

What experience do you have that will help you best represent the Elmbrook electorate?

I’m a father of 5, I have 22 years as a teacher and trainer, but my greatest qualification is my last eight years serving on the board. In time, Elmbrook has completed over $45 million in projects and upgrades without referendum, navigated a pandemic with less learning loss than surrounding districts, and started the LAUNCH program where students explore career pathways and work with business leaders solving real challenges. We’ve made recent curriculum changes including more US history in middle school, AP human geography, universal 4k, and science-based reading instruction. I’ll continue to do what’s best for kids and families, and would be honored to have your vote.

Years of District Residency: 12 Years
Education: 2002 – BA Biochemistry from Brigham Young University;
2006 – Masters of Education in Instructional Technology from Utah State University 

Current Profession: The Church of Jesus Christ LDS- S&I Coordinator (where I teach, and provide training for religion teachers in SE Wisconsin, and NE Illinois.)


Area III

(Candidates are listed below in the order they will appear on the April 4, 2023 Spring Election Ballot)


Gregg Eberhardt

(Area III)

1650 Starbridge Drive,
Brookfield, WI 53005

Why have you chosen to seek election to the Elmbrook Board of Education?

Brookfield is where I was raised, I’m an alumni, and coached at the high school and youth levels.  This is where my wife and I chose to raise our three children; I want it to be the best that it can be. The district should place children in the optimal position to succeed academically. I have a long history in the community and I’ve witnessed it transform through the years while attempting to maintain the high standards that previous generations established.  I want this community to be able to have pride and trust that the district is meeting the needs of the children and the overall community.  

What experience do you have that will help you best represent the Elmbrook electorate?

My history within the community started in 1976, which allows me to understand its principles. My engineering and business skills provide me the ability to analyze situations and make decisions that will help the community prosper.  I oversee a $50 million P&L and work collaboratively with multiple functions to maximize value.  The district’s goal should be educating children and providing maximum value to the community and taxpayers.

Years of District Residency: 1976 - 2003, 2016 - present
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, Marquette University
MBA, Marquette University
Current Profession: Product Manager, MTE



Preetha Kurudiyara

(Area III)

17820 Hickory Court
Brookfield, WI 53045

Why have you chosen to seek election to the Elmbrook Board of Education?

I am a parent of two Elmbrook students and have lived in Brookfield since 2009. I have volunteered hundreds of hours for Elmbrook Schools. I have volunteered for theater productions, BCHS PTO and Applause, the BCHS fine arts booster organization. I have been a room parent, a field trip volunteer, and a regular library volunteer. I serve on the Board of the Elmbrook Education Foundation and serve as the Director of Communications for the Elmbrook Parent Network. Volunteering has given me exposure to both the challenges and opportunities facing our district.

What experience do you have that will help you best represent the Elmbrook electorate?

As a pediatrician, I have dedicated my career to the health and well-being of children. On the board, that dedication translates to prioritizing student mental health and resilience, along with the social and emotional well-being of all students. I am an advocate for children with special needs, and am dedicated to ensuring that children whose learning was affected by the pandemic receive the support services needed to catch up. A key ingredient is attracting, supporting and retaining high quality teachers and staff.

Years of District Residency: 14 years
Education: BS, Marquette University, 1996
MD, St. George's University School of Medicine, 2002
Current Profession: Community Volunteer



(Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the February 21, 2023 Primary Ballot)

David Irwin

David Irwin

(At Large)

14275 Hillside Road
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Why have you chosen to seek election to the Elmbrook Board of Education?

As a product of midwestern public schools and the father of a current Elmbrook student and a 2022 graduate, I am committed to the success and continuous improvement of our district. I believe we have excellent schools that can consistently achieve the highest standards with effective leadership, rigorous teaching of fundamentals, and strong Advanced Placement tracks. In today's world, marked by technological change, global competition, and social issues, school governance requires stability and good judgment - qualities that I possess. I am dedicated to raising achievement for all students and avoiding manipulation of schools for ideological purposes.

What experience do you have that will help you best represent the Elmbrook electorate?

My varied experiences, including three years as the only foreigner in a French parochial school, working internationally in a Fortune 500 company, and co-founding a venture capital-backed startup, have given me the ability to see things from multiple perspectives and appreciate the unique qualities of America that are passed down from one generation to the next, largely through our schools. I have also served on numerous corporate and non-profit/church boards, gaining valuable insight into effective governance.

Years of District Residency: 18
Education: MBA, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 1995
BA, Economics, Dartmouth College, 1989
High School Diploma: Hinsdale Central High School (Illinois), 1985
Current Profession: My line of work is management consulting and private investments. I am self-employed. 


Sean Firmiss
Sean A. Firmiss

18225 Saint James Road
Brookfield, WI 53045

Why have you chosen to seek election to the Elmbrook Board of Education?

I’m running in this election because we in Elmbrook treasure our high quality of life, and I wish to ensure that we pass our high quality of life to our students through an equally high quality education. Regardless of background or post-Elmbrook path, I am determined to see ALL of our students truly enriched, having received the benefit of the Elmbrook education experience.  

I wish to assist the Board in its effort to focus its actions and resources toward the classical education of its students.  The Board should prioritize INSTRUCTIONAL benefit in its decision making process, and abdicate to parents and families the responsibility of being the primary educators of morality and societal development of our children.

What experience do you have that will help you best represent the Elmbrook electorate?

The experience that will help me best represent the Elmbrook electorate is, surprisingly, a void. A void of experience implies a void of BIAS. I’m an IDEAL common-sense problem-solving candidate, who will remain objective when conducting independent research into important issues. I am beholden to NO special interest nor political party. I am beholden to YOU.

Years of District Residency: My wife, daughter and I have lived in the same house in the Brookfield Village neighborhood for nearly 16 years.
Education: I’ve made it this far in life having received no institutional accolade beyond a public high school diploma.
Current Profession: Upon completion of my career in the legal world, I began a hobby in remodeling and home improvement, which I pursue to this day. Ask around. Chances are, I’ve solved a few problems for somebody you know.


Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes


14050 St. George Court
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Why have you chosen to seek election to the Elmbrook Board of Education?

I have a passion for education and live with the belief that our exceptional community is unified around the goal of creating a stronger educational environment for our children.  I bring problem-solving, team-building, and project-leading skills from years of building a homegrown successful business.  I will always be cognizant of my responsibility to work respectfully, collegially and productively with diverse community members, including taxpayers, parents, administrators, students and staff.  Our school district is one of the best; let’s make it better for all. SamForElmbrook.com

What experience do you have that will help you best represent the Elmbrook electorate?

My greatest experiential skill is clear, concise communication through active listening and will be a thoughtful listener to every constituent with an open mind, considering all viewpoints.  Professionally, this skill has enabled me to successfully develop and manage 100+ teams.  I have developed detailed field training programs for teams in my industry and have served eight years as a board member on WiFCA.  Having a non-verbal daughter with special needs, I have navigated the complex world of IEP’s for twelve years. I bring empathy, analytical thinking, fiscal discipline and personal tenacity.

Years of District Residency: 13 years
Education: Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Olivet University - 2000, MBA in International Business through Executive MBA Program from Marquette University – 2010
Current Profession: President of Bluegreen, LLC