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Board Members

2020-2021 Board of Education
Four Board members reside in each of the apportioned areas numbered I through IV and three Board members are elected at-large, for a total of seven members. Board members are elected by vote of the entire District and represent the entire District. A Board member from an apportioned area shall be a resident of the apportioned area for which he/she is elected or appointed at the time the oath of office is taken. A map and description of apportioned areas can be found in Policy 8123-Apportionment of Members of the Board of Education by Area and additional information can be found in Policy 8122-Apportionment of Members of the Board of Education.

Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler, President
4270 Peppercorn Circle, Brookfield, WI 53005
262-720-8905 (Cell phone)
262-781-3030 ext. 1245 (District Voice Mail)
Area I Seat
Term Expires–April, 2023
First Year of Service on Board—2015

Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert, Vice-President
15150 Tulane Court, Brookfield, WI 53005
414-531-6511 (Cell phone)
262-781-3030 ext. 1263 (District Voice Mail)
Area IV Seat
Term Expires–April, 2021
First Year of Service on Board–2009

Allgaier web.jpg
Glen Allgaier, Treasurer

2455 Buckingham Place, Brookfield 53045
262-825-2737 (Cell phone)
262-781-3030 ext. 1276 (District Voice Mail)
Area II Seat
Term Expires–April, 2022
First Year of Service on Board–2007

Linda Boucher, Clerk

2340 Kevenauer Drive, Brookfield 53005
262-789-7477 (Home phone)
262-781-3030 ext. 1239 (District Voice Mail)
At-Large Seat
Term Expires- April, 2022
First Year of Service on Board–2016

Mushir Hassan

Mushir Hassan
18040 Peregrine Lane, Brookfield, WI 53045
262-780-5190 (Home phone)
262-781-3030 ext. TBD (District Voice Mail)
At-Large Seat
Term Expires–April, 2021
First Year of Service on the Board–2020

Jen Roskopf Photo

Jennifer Roskopf
2225 Derrin Lane, Brookfield, WI 53045
262-641-8799 (Home phone)
262-781-3030 ext. TBD (District Voicemail)
At-Large Seat
Term Expires–April 2023
First Year of Service on the Board–2020

Jian Sun Board Member
Jian Sun

2135 La Rochelle Court, Brookfield, WI 53045
262-373-8028 (Home phone)
262-781-3030 ext. 1582 (District Voice Mail)
Area III Seat
Term Expires - April, 2023
First Year of Service on the Board - 2017