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Notice of Board Vacancy


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the School District of Elmbrook that there is a current vacancy on the School Board in the At-Large Seat formerly held by Scott Wheeler. The School Board intends to appoint a qualified elector of the District to fill the vacancy under a term of office that shall expire on April 25, 2021.

The Appointment Process (Option #3) was approved at a Special Board of Education Meeting on April 27, 2020.

State law requires any individual who is filling a school board vacancy to be a resident and qualified elector of the school district. Accordingly, the same age, citizenship, residency and voting qualification requirements (e.g., freedom from any unpardoned felony convictions) that apply to declared candidates in school board elections apply to any potential appointee.

Any eligible person who desires to be considered for appointment to this public office must complete and file the following documents:

1. An application that identifies the potential appointee’s name, residential address, telephone number, and that also addresses the individual’s qualifications and the reasons he/she is interested in serving on the School Board. 

2. A sworn Declaration of Eligibility. The Declaration must be sworn to before a notary or another official who is authorized to administer oaths. 

To ensure consideration, the application and a scanned copy of the notarized Declaration of Eligibility must be emailed by May 8, 2020 to Christy Westfall, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education - westfalc@elmbrookschools.org and the original, notarized copy of the Declaration of Eligibility must be provided when the appointee takes the oath of office. 

It is the sole responsibility of the individual who is submitting the materials to verify that the District has received the materials on a timely basis.

In the event you are selected to interview, the interviews will be held in at 4:00 pm on May 12, 2020. The interview will be held virtually, in a forum setting, with all selected candidates. The interview will be livestreamed for viewing at https://www.youtube.com/user/elmbrookschoolsmedia

Inquiries regarding this Notice may be directed to Christy Westfall, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education - westfalc@elmbrookschools.org

Date of Notice: April 28, 2020