Clubs & Organizations

Art Club is an organization for students with a common interest in art. It provides both art and non-art students with art opportunities. Students taking art classes are provided additional time to work on projects or explore new ideas and materials. Art Club also provides students who do not have room in their schedule for art with an opportunity to explore their art interests. Art Club meetings consist of open studio time where students can work in the art room and participate in art-related field trips. Art Club members regularly contribute their art skills and talents to help with school and community events and services.

The purpose of the Asian club is to educate and encourage awareness of Asian cultures and traditions.

The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships. People with disabilities are often excluded within the school environment because of their differences. This club seeks to end social isolation by establishing connections with one-to-one friendships with non-disabled peers. These friendships help increase self-esteem, confidence, and the abilities of people with and without disabilities. In addition, this club is important because it seeks out school-wide inclusion.

The Brookfield Central Book Club is an informal group open to all students and staff who like to read and discuss books outside the formal classroom setting. Its purpose is to promote reading and give individuals the opportunity to discuss a range of genres and authors in a relaxed environment. We meet once a month over snacks and juice in the library media center.


Students discuss major national policies and values and compete against other students in competitions at the novice, JV and Varsity levels.

With over a 60 year history, DECA has impacted the lives of more than ten million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals since it was founded in 1946. Their strong connection with our organization has resonated into a brand that people identify as a remarkable experience in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.
DECA’s programs and activities have constantly evolved as we use the latest technology and apply cutting edge educational research. Our core focus has remained consistent and is captured in our mission.

Its goal is to honor young women who excel and encourage them to obtain a college education and assume roles of leadership in their communities and professions.

To promote an understanding of our environment and to volunteer within our community doing environmental projects.

The goal is help grow the faith life of our athletes and student population through biblical teachings, personal testimonies, regular fellowship and service.

The objective and mission of the Brookfield Central Fine Arts Alliance is to provide expansive Fine Arts opportunities covering the different disciplines of the Arts including visual art, music, theatre, dance, architecture and technology, through collaborative experiential workshops. Students are identified and nominated by specific Fine Arts instructors and labeled through the School District of Elmbrook’s Academically Gifted and Talented Program as showing excessive talents and interest in one or several of the Fine Arts areas.

The goal of the fishing club is to increases participant knowledge of fishing and develop an appreciation of aquatic ecosystems and their inhabitants. Fishing is a lifelong activity and it promotes stewardship of natural resources.

Forensics is an activity designed to increase and improve students’ abilities and comfort levels with public speaking. Being able to increase one’s comfort level in public speaking will positively prepare students for speaking and leadership roles within the classroom, and better ensure success in future employment opportunities. Our students engage in public speaking after researching and rehearsing particular literary selections within different performance categories. After selecting a suitable piece and practicing both the verbal and physical delivery, students perform their piece in the company of their coaches, other team members, and members of the community. Finally, students perform their practiced piece at competitions against students from other schools throughout the state, ranked not only their individual delivery, but in comparison to their competition.

To expose kids to aspects of Francophone culture that we are not able to cover in the curriculum and to allow kids who are not taking French to learn about Francophone culture as well. And to make these activities available to kids who do not take French but are interested in the culture.

The freshman class council helps to cultivate the identity of the freshmen class. In the fall they take the responsibility of ordering freshmen class spirit wear and doing the homecoming wall. In the winter and early spring, they organize and implement fundraising to raise money for prom. In the late spring they begin planning for similar events the next year.

The mission of German Club, is to give students the opportunity to experience the culture of German-speaking countries in a fun and safe environment.

This service club provides design, photography and production services to the BC community. Students apply skills learned in imaging classes to live production work for the school including graphic design, web design, printing production (tshirts, posters, fliers, plaques, etc.) and photographic services.

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The Jazz Ensemble program at BCHS aims to expose students to America’s original art form (as passed by congress is 1987). Through practice, performance, clinics/festivals, and guest artists- we provide our jazz students with numerous opportunities to grow in the jazz idiom.

The purpose of the class council is to provide leadership for the junior class in maintaining a budget and accomplishing financial goal through fundraising for major events, such as prom.

To promote democracy. To promote the rule of law. To promote the need of civilian involvement. To promote the role of civilian involvement. To educate today’s youth. To monitor and discern the events of today as they apply to future challenges.

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. We aim to serve the school and community while giving members a perspective on the world that fosters a lifelong commitment to service.

Math Club is a social club open to all students who share an interest in and an appreciation for mathematics. The club meets twice a month after school to socialize, eat snacks, problem solve as a group, and gain exposure to different types of mathematics. The club also participates in math competitions.

Mock trials are utilized to provide students with simulated legal experience while also helping them develop research, argument, improvisational and public speaking skills. Although many students who participate enjoy the legal process, most students join so they can develop their argument or acting skills as well as their confidence in presenting to groups in classrooms and actual courtrooms. To learn more about Mock Trial visit their website. If you have questions or would like additional information please contact Mr. Vogt, advisor, at

The purpose of the Mr. BC pageant is to raise money for the junior class for upcoming events such as prom, senior ball, and a class gift.

The mission of the Musical Theatre Department is to give students opportunities in productions, technical work, acting, vocal and instrumental performance and leadership in the Fine Arts Musical Theatre genre.

The National Honor Society encourages excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The Brookfield Central chapter in composed of juniors and seniors who have satisfied the requirements to scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The mission of odyssey of the mind is to provide creative problem solving opportunities for everyone and to foster original and divergent thinking. We promote creativity by challenging teams to solve divergent problems. By working in teams students learn creativity, teamwork, critical thinking skills, self-respect and respect for others. This program also provides students with an exciting learning experience that promises to be challenging and fun.

“Skills” objectives:

  • Develop skill in oral language and all expressive mechanisms (voice and bodily expression)
  • Develop understanding in psychological, moral, physical and socio-economic analysis of character (analytic skills)
  • Learn the elements of stagecraft and production (craft skills).
  • “Intellectual” objectives
  • Understanding the investigation of literature, history of divergent societies and cultures, and drama as a social force (cognitive base).
  • Develop an appreciation of an aesthetic and intellectual activity (affective base).
  • Learn the channels for creative dramatic work through original productions and alternative forms of theatrical expression such as dance, mime, etc., (creative base).
  • “Social” objectives
  • To realize the simultaneous opportunities for leadership and group participation (group-level cooperation)
  • Meeting and interacting with students from other schools in the context of a social and intellectual activity (acculturation)
  • Promoting school and community relations through a display of the school’s intellectual and artistic work (school-community)

PAWS (Promoting Animal Welfare Society)
PAWS is a club that focuses on students who appreciate and enjoy animals. In this club, students are able to volunteer as a group at local animal shelters and animal events and participate in fundraising and donation drives for local humane societies and shelters. Adviser - Mrs. Silver


  • Listeners, mentors, and friends
  • People who anyone can come to with their problems, or if you just need someone to talk to
  • People who are of a similar age and are there to help if you don’t feel comfortable talking to adults
  • People who can refer you to adults who can help within our building

The mission of the Brookfield Central Table Tennis Club is to provide students a place to develop their table tennis skills in a social environment. Students are encouraged to attend weekly to practice, compete in games, and socialize with other participants. Through a strong intramural club, students will develop individual skills as well as respect for differences in others.

The rock climbing club offers students an opportunity to engage in a structured,, athletic activity. Students competed against teams from others schools, in addition to participating in a State competition. The purpose of the club is to introduce students in to the activity of rock climbing, an activity that can be practiced for years thereafter. Overall, as a joint club between BEHS and BCHS, it provides students with an opportunity to interact with others they normally would not do so with.

The BCHS SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) provides an environment to help students set a healthier, safe course for their lives. We promote positive peer pressure and role modeling while encouraging prevention of destructive decisions. A primary focus of SADD is to discourage underage drinking, drug use, and impaired driving in the school community.

To allow students the opportunity to immerse themselves in science content, work as a team, compete with peers, solve problems, and critically think about real-life science questions.

Science Olympiad offers opportunities for students to explore many areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is the only competition in the US that offers a team learning environment that stretches across many areas of science and engages students of different knowledge and skill sets. Science Olympiad offers creative challenges to all students in interesting and applied areas of science which they typically don’t experience in the standard curriculum. All of the SO events are closely tied to National Science Education Standards, so these events offer exciting and creative ways for teachers and students to engage in science education in K-12 schools.

The senior class council operates to plan events that promote positive school culture and raises money through school-wide events and contributes to future school initiatives through monetary donations and senior class gifting.

We teach the fundamentals of racing and work with kids to improve their approach and technique so they can compete effectively as a team and as individuals within our conference and ultimately at the State and National level.

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This is a multi-faceted program in which students develop teamwork as they delve into the molecular world, explore science as a process and not just a collection of facts, and work closely with a researcher to understand and model the structure-function relationship of a protein the researcher studies. After designing and building a model of the protein using Rapid Prototyping technology, SMART teams create an oral presentation explaining their work to a lay audience and a poster which is presented to a scientific audience.

The purpose of the class council is to provide leadership for the sophomore class in maintaining a budget and accomplishing financial goals through fundraising for major events, such as prom.

The Spanish Club provides opportunities and exposure for interested students to explore the Spanish Language and the cultures that speak it beyond the classroom.

The Brookfield Central Student Council exists to promote and sustain positive school spirit, through activities and events, while fostering student leadership and giving a voice to the students of BCHS.

The Spring Show is a tradition at BC that has students acting, building, promoting and using any other skill needed to put on a great production! Under the direction of Mrs. Honore Dugan Schiro, the show is staged in our very own Black Box Theatre- a learning lab for the fine arts. Students of all grades audition for the play in March and perform for audiences in late April/early May. The ability to think creatively, communicate effectively, and work cooperatively are all benefits to anyone wanting to get involved!


  • The newspaper allows students to voice their opinions.
  • It provides students with an opportunity to display their writing talents to their peers.
  • Newspaper deadlines train students in responsibility and promptness.
  • Reporting trains students to look behind events for reasons and facts.
  • Interviews teach students about human nature in that they must learn to ask correct in-depth questions and probe people’s minds.
  • It trains students to take basic facts and interpret them.
  • It trains students to be objective and observant. To be a successful reporter, students must forget self and concentrate on other people.
  • Interviews train students to listen and to withhold opinion.

Wisconsin Leaders Of Tomorrow (WLT)- Elmbrook Chapter is a community organization that is endorsed by the schools in the community. WLT places strong emphasis on the student leadership. Board members are representatives from service organizations in the area, with liaison representation from private and public schools.
This is not an academic program. Students are nominated because they are a student leader in grade 11 who:

  • Has a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Is an exemplary school citizen with a good record of school attendance.
  • Holds a position of leadership (in the school or community) to which he/she was elected by his/her peers –or- Holds a position of leadership (in the school or community) to which he/she was appointed by an adult leader.

Our mission is to work hard and enjoy what we do so we can document the year in an award winning quality book, the book that everyone will remember forever. This book is made for students, by the students and will reflect student enthusiasm and effort. It will be delivered on time and within budget and be among the best yearbooks in the state.