Student Services would like to announce that UW- Milwaukee, UW-Whitewater, and Carroll University have committed to express admissions where you find out if you are accepted on the spot! UW-Milwaukee's applications should be completed by Oct. 1st for an opportunity at express admissions on October 8th. UW-Whitewater will be holding express applications sessions on Oct. 15th. Please reach out to your counselor to reserve a time slot. 

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The Brookfield Central Black Student Union celebrates diversity and fosters learning about important topics including race, culture, and history. Specifically, we provide an opportunity for students of all races to gain a deeper understanding of Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) culture and history. Additionally, the Black Student Union gives BC students a forum and opportunity for leadership in uplifting positive cultural change within our school, community, and country. Click here to sign up.

For more information, please reach out to the following people:

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Soon the Humane Animal Welfare Society will be starting a new school-year session of our club for high school students called Animal Career Exploration (ACE).  This program is geared towards students who are interested in joining a profession working with animals.  This school year we’ll be running ACE as a virtual program, and will be able to offer students an opportunity to hear from and ask questions to speakers from all over the US.

 Students will hear guest speakers from a variety of professions talking about what they do from day to day in their job, what training and education were required for that profession, and what high school students can do now to start to plan for that career. 

 The cost of HAWS ACE is $10.00 per session.  Our first virtual meeting is on Wednesday, October 7 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. 

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In addition to the BC attendance phone line: 262-785-3994, families can also use an email address: to report the absence to the school. When reporting an absence, please provide the student's name and reason for the absence.  If they are missing school due to illness, it will be important to let us know ALL of your child's symptoms and any physician confirmed diagnosis such as COVID-19.  It will also be important to know if your child is staying home because they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Please note that if a student is an in-person learner, they must be on-campus to be considered present. 

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Historically, the Elmbrook School District has hosted a yearly in person event in September that has provided hundreds of our families with timely information regarding post secondary options. 

We are shifting to a virtual format this year.  Unlike previous years when the event was held on one scheduled night, families will have access to speaker videos and presentations indefinitely to view at a time of convenience. Please look through this presentation and click through our various post-secondary sessions.

We are excited to bring you this opportunity and are appreciative of all the presenters that helped make this virtual experience possible. For any questions, please contact Jessica Premo at BCHS or Michelle McKenna at BEHS.

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Beginning Tuesday, September 22, students of any grade can sign up to attend a virtual meeting with admissions counselors from colleges across the country. You can learn more about the campus, get a feel for how it would fit you, and ask your own questions in a small group with only other BC students. Seniors - this may even be the person who reviews your application personally. Check the schedule today, and email your counselor or stop in Student Services to get signed up. 

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Are you planning to apply to UW-Milwaukee, and anxious to feel great about your first college admission? Express Virtual Admissions on October 8 might be for you! It replaces last year's on-site admissions. Students who submit their application to UW-Milwaukee by October 1 have the opportunity to find out their admission status immediately, via a 15-minute virtual appointment with a UW-M admissions counselor on Thursday, October 8. Students will receive an immediate admissions decision during their 15-minute virtual appointment, and students who are not admitted will be advised regarding how they can still be admitted later in the year. Student Services will provide transcripts and ACT scores on behalf of the student.

This is a great way to take away the anxiety of "will I get in" -- we highly encourage any student considering UW-Milwaukee to sign up for Express Virtual Admissions on October 8! Email your counselor or stop by Student Services to get on the appointment list, and start your online application today.

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The BC AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program promotes a culture of college and career readiness in our school through unity and supporting one another. We are proud BC is an AVID school!  Please consider supporting the AVID program by purchasing an awesome shirt - made of a tri-blend fabric, which is very soft and comfortable.

We are very excited to share a link below to a website where you can easily purchase a MEN's or WOMEN's  "BC STRONG - We GOT THIS" soft, short or long t-shirt, and support our AVID program at the same time!  Proceeds go toward future college/career-focused events/visits for our AVID students.) The deadline is Sept. 30th.

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Early College Credit (ECCP) is a program that allows students grades 9-12 to take college courses with a local University in person or online. Start College Now (SCN) is a program that allows students grades 11-12 to take college courses at local technical colleges in person or online. The course is paid for by the school district. 

Read more about Early College Credit (ECCP) and Start College Now (SCN) Requests DUE OCT 1st

Anyone can be a Rock Star by painting the BC Lancer Spirit Rock at the back entrance of the school.

Do something special for your student, a sports team, a teacher, an upcoming event, or any other special occasion! For $10/day, you can reserve the rock and leave your message for all to see.

Please see the signup below to reserve your date. Click on the Spirit Rock Guidelines document for more information.


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Wisconsin Education Fairs will continue to be a resource for our students and schools.

As in the past, we'll need your help to get our students and families pointed in WEFs direction. We're expecting nearly 100 colleges, universities, military branches, and specialty schools to participate in the college fair portion. A direct link to register will be sent in the coming weeks.

Offering a monthly virtual college fair from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m., followed by 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. interactive financial aid presentation.

  • Wednesday, 9/16/20
  • Wednesday, 10/7/20
  • Sunday, 11/8/20
  • Wednesday, 2/10/21
  • Wednesday, 3/10/21
  • Sunday, 4/11/21

Fall Schedule and Spring Schedule

Check out this video on how students register and navigate through the events.

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Work permit requests will be accepted Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

In order to get a work permit you MUST have ALL of the following:

1 - Completed Work Permit Request Form

2 - Birth Certificate OR Verified Baptismal Certificate OR School record showing proof of your age

3 - Social Security Card (You must have the physical card a photocopy or picture will not be accepted)

4 - Letter from the employer stating what you will be doing, how many hours you will be working and your start date

5 - Parent or Guardian signature on the letter from your employer

6 - $10.00 (Check made out to Brookfield Central or cash)



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Real-world work experience is critical for your professional development, your personal growth, and network connectivity. Get it all this summer through a Virtual Summer Internship with The Commons.

The Commons is seeking 20 highly-motivated and talented high school students (juniors and graduating seniors) for a valuable 10-week part-time virtual internship experience.  Selected students will work alongside college students from across the state. They'll build out a portfolio of real-world work, they'll get plugged into a network of inspiring professionals, and they'll dive deep into the creative innovation mindset.

All students who are interested are encouraged to apply!  We have secured generous donors to support the enrollment fee, so please disregard the program fee mentioned in the flyer. Let Mrs. Farley know if you have been accepted into the program. Please see the informational flyer and Read More for more information.

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L to R: Kenny Harrison & Joe ThomasThe Brookfield Central Stadium will be renamed to the Harrison - Thomas Stadium in honor of two distinguished alumni athletes who have continued to contribute their skills and expertise to Brookfield Central post-graduation. Kenny Harrison (Class of 1983) competed in the 1996 Summer Olympic games in Atlanta where he brought home the Gold medal in the triple jump, and still holds school records in the long, high and triple jump. Joe Thomas (Class of 2003) is a former Pro Bowl offensive lineman with the NFL's Cleveland Browns and is regarded as one of the best offensive linemen and left tackles in the NFL's history.

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Dave Steinbach at Tennis Center dedicationDave Steinbach has retired as Head Girls Tennis Coach at Brookfield Central. A pillar of the Brookfield Central tennis community, Steinbach began his 38-year teaching career in Elmbrook in 1960, his 55-year Elmbrook coaching career in 1965, and his 38-year tennis coaching career at Brookfield Central in 1982. As a physical education teacher and coach of gymnastics, basketball, and tennis, Coach Steinbach quickly laid a foundation for excellence and inclusiveness at Brookfield Central both in the classroom and on the athletic fields.

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