Student Services


This year we are doing something a bit different with College visits​!  We are asking interested students to sign up for visits with a Google Form or through Edficiency.  The list for all college visits can be found HERE.  WE encourage all students to sign up for college visits so they can learn more information about the college directly from the college representatives!  This form is updated daily so please check it often!!


Thank you!

The Student Services Team

Read more about College Visits at BC
Leah Devine
Counselor (A - F)
Jessica Premo
Counselor (G - Le)
Heather Lemke
Counselor (Li - Ri)
Greg Groh
Counselor (Ro - Z)
Nichole Grube
Social Worker
Jennie Katrichis
Tracy Rink
Student Services Asst.
Amie Farley
Director of College, Career, & Life Readiness