Transcript Request

Transcript Request Instructions:

All Juniors and Seniors received an email in their school email accounts with a link to register with Parchment. This email includes a unique registration access link for each student. Following this link will pre-populate demographic information in regard to each student. If you do not have this email, please contact the Data Processor in your building.

If you wish to register without the code, you can go directly to the parchment website at and follow the registration instructions below.

If you are an alumni prior to the class of 2014 you will need to create an account by following the directions below.

Creating an Account with Parchment

1. Click the link to Parchment, or visit

2. Click “sign up” in the high school transcript area.

3. Follow directions to complete the enrollment process.

4. Be sure you have indicated that Brookfield Central is your institution.

5. Activate your account and Parchment will send you a confirming e-mail. Check your “spam” email folder if you do not receive this e-mail.

Transcript Ordering

1. Sign in to your Parchment account.

2. Follow the instructions for selecting colleges to which your transcript should be sent.

3. For other organizations, such as the NCAA, click the link under “Select Other Destinations” and enter the requested information.

4. You will know you have completed the request when you have entered your debit/credit card information.

5. Use the “track” tab at the top to check the status and history of transcript requests. Do this before checking on transcripts with the counseling office.


If you have any problems with Parchment during the registration or ordering process of transcripts, go to and click on “contact us”, select students/parents and fill out the form with your name and other details.

Student can see their guidance counselor for questions or concerns on the transcript process.

For video tutorial on registering using an email or code click here.
For video tutorial on how to order high school transcripts click here.