Our Mission:
Dedicated to Academic and Human Excellence

Our Vision:
Committed to 100% of our students ready to access and to experience success in their post secondary pursuits.

Our Core Values:

We know that our culture is our strength.
Our school and community has built a culture of partnership, collaboration, and concern for the well-being of all Spartans. We protect our positivity. All things are possible within this culture.

We believe our students will change the world.
We recognize that we have limited time with our students.  While we celebrate our current achievements, we look forward to honoring their future contributions on our communities.

We focus on the student and believe all else will follow.
We will educate students really, really well.  That’s our one thing. We keep the student at the center of all we do.

We never stop learning and growing.
We are committed to a growth mind set and continuous improvement.  If we are to have an enduring influence on the lives of our students, staff, and community members, we must be an organization that has a passion for learning and improving.

We believe that success is a journey defined at an individual level.
Every student will learn. It is our job to help students find that success along the way.  

We strive to satisfy, to delight, and to nourish the whole person.
We do not make or sell a product.  In our pursuit of excellence, academic and human, we know at times we need to lift up students and inspire them to create the lives they want for themselves.

We serve and support our local and global communities.
As Spartans, we are called to give back to a community who supports education.

We believe that teamwork multiplies our successes.
When we work together, when we honor our own expertise, when we support each other in the difficult endeavor of education, then we will know the success that collaboration brings.

We strive to be friendly and have a sense of humor.
Friendliness and a sense of humor allow us to enjoy the day-to-day tasks, to overcome hardships with resiliency, and to form authentic relationships.

We know that learning is not limited to a location.
We want our staff and students to be creative, resourceful, and innovative in their journey.