With deep gratitude for the fundraising support of our school community, the PTO is excited to announce the approval of $8069.92 in 2018-2019 PTO Grants!

PTO grants are intended to support projects and/or areas of need that benefit the students and that foster an innovative, exciting and creative school environment. We thank all who submitted proposals this year, there were many great ideas to consider. We also want to thank Amy Dvornik for her diligent work as this year's PTO Grant Chair. 

2018-2019 PTO Grant Recipients

GaGa Ball Pit - GaGa Ball is a highly active game (played within a "pit") in which students attempt to get one another "out" by bouncing a ball and hitting one another below the knees. This grant will cover the cost of a GaGa Ball pit on the playground for all students to use during recess time as well as during physical education. 

Digital Piano - This piano will be stored on the first floor of the school and will be used for music concerts, Brookfield Elementary Players, and other special events. This will eliminate the need for moving a traditional piano from the 2nd floor which causes it to be out of tune. 

12 Webcams - These cameras will be used in the 3rd grade when creating digital portfolios for each student. They will replace the use of the built-in webcams on Chromebooks which are low in quality.

Guided Reading Books for 1st Grade -  These books will fill the need for a greater number and variety of texts for emergent readers, especially in nonfiction. These "just right" books will have strong character development, problem/solution and a realistic plot to allow kids to do decoding and comprehension work in a meaningful, engaging way.

Social Thinking Resources - Teachers, therapists, and administrators will use these resources to help students develop social-emotional skills including self-regulation, perspective taking, problem solving, and social interaction skills. These lessons and activities can be delivered in small groups or to an entire class.  

Arts & Community Program (ACE) 3rd Grade Classroom Library - The ACE program is an educational partnership with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. It focuses on music, art, dance, and how these aforementioned subjects can enhance learning in other curricular areas. This grant will fund 3rd grade literature resources under the theme "ACE Architects."

The PTO takes pride in its grant program and is grateful for the opportunity to support the faculty and staff of Brookfield Elementary.


Brookfield Elementary PTO


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Congratulations to all of our Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade students who participated in the Brookfield Elementary Math Contest for primary grades! We had over 100 students who competed!!! These students faced 12 challenging problems and had 30 minutes to complete them!

The standings for each grade level are detailed below:


1st Place: Odin Kdg-B​​​​​​​
2nd Place: Eric Kdg-R, Jonathan Kdg-B​​​​​​​

3rd Place: Ben Kdg-B, Liam Kdg-M

First Grade
1st Place: CJ 1R​​​​​​​
2nd Place: Nathan 1A/W, Nathan 1R, Johanna 1R, Charlotte 1R​​​​​​​
3rd Place: Leah 1R, Grayson 1H, Aaroosh 1R, Rintaro 1H

Second Grade
1st Place: Caleb  2J​​​​​​​
2nd Place: Stella 2F, Ryan 2J​​​​​​​
3rd Place: Alysha 2M, Trevor 2M

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Congratulations to the members of our Brookfield Elementary Chess Club team who competed in the Spartan Chess Open on February 23, 2019! The competition was open to the five Elmbrook elementary schools! Brk El placed 3rd overall! Individual results are as follows:

In the K-8 rated division:

4th Place: Lanting, gr. 3 (He tied for 2nd, but earned 4th after tie breaker)

In the K-5 non rated division:

8th: Evan, gr. 2

13th: CJ, gr. 1

18th: Mary, gr. 4

19th: Owen, gr. 4

26th: Ananya, gr. 4

Our team was coached by Mr. Ebenezer and Mr. Summers.

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