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This month, five elementary students from across Elmbrook qualified for Nationals in the elementary-level Science Bee Competitions conducted by International Academic Competitions.

The qualifying students included: Saranya Bhagavatula (Burleigh Elementary School), Cameron Drees (Dixon Elementary), Aarya Ghuge (Burleigh Elementary), Anirudh Sai Muralidharan (Brookfield Elementary), and Ananya Vaddi (Burleigh Elementary).

“All of these kids have demonstrated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm to learn varied complex topics in science,” said Coach Muralidharan Sethuraman. “They also actively participate and learn from mock practices we conduct during our club meetings on Friday. These students put in a lot of effort and have a lot to be proud of.”

The qualifiers competed in different online regional rounds with other elementary kids from different states & regions across the USA before advancing to the National level. The National Championship will be held in Arlington, VA in June 2023 and we wish all of our students the best of luck in their upcoming competitions!

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