All For Books Coin Challenge a HUGE success!
coin challenge.jpg

THANK YOU to the Brookfield Elementary Bobcat Family for donating your spare change last week to make the All For Books Coin Challenge a HUGE success! Your donations totaled $4,110.19!!!

The classroom that donated the most money accumulated during the week from Mr. Hoffe’s 2nd grade glass donating $235.50!! They won the celebratory Ice Cream Party and book reading with Dr. Westfahl!

As a reminder, the money that you donated will be used by your classroom teacher(s) during the Scholastic Book Fair (Nov. 10 - 17) to build up their classroom libraries. NOT only do our own teachers benefit from your donation but Scholastic Books matches the money with a donation of 1 book for every $1 we collected and supports two national charitable organizations - Kids In Need Foundation and Kids In Distressed Situations. Brookfield Elementary through Scholastic Books will have contributed over 4,110 books to these charities! THAT is something to cheer about!

THANK YOU to our coin counters last week! We GREATLY appreciated your help and counting skills! (Diane Nemcek, Farheen Haque, Lisa Lampman, Josie Dornbach, Kelly Huegerich, Carol Keddie and Rebecca Whelpley)

Be sure to stop by and support the Book Fair Nov. 10 - 17!!

Congratulations to Mr. Hoffe’s class and to Brookfield Elementary for having an impact on the lives of other kids through their generous donations!!

Michelle Stricker
Debbie Seymour
Qudsia Khalid

( Kids In Need Foundation national charitable organization has been providing free school supplies to underprivileged kids and teachers in underfunded schools across the nation. And recently, the Foundation has also been able to provide students with a steady supply of reading materials, thanks in large part to the thousands of books donated each year through Scholastic’s All for Books® program. Each year, schools all across the country participate in Scholastic’s All for Books “loose change” fundraising drive held in conjunction with their annual Book Fairs. Scholastic matches the money collected by schools with a donation of up to $1 million in books to both the Kids in Need Foundation and Kids in Distressed Situations, another non-profit charitable organization. The Kids in Need Foundation operates a national network of resource centers where teachers from low-income elementary schools come to shop for free books and assorted classroom supplies. The books are used in classroom libraries, or lent, or given away to students as incentives. Since its founding, the Foundation has distributed more than $450 million in school supplies, including donated Scholastic books, directly benefiting 2.4 million students and 100,000 teachers annually.)