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Burleigh/PPMS Lego Team Competes at Western Edge!

First Lego League Challenge Team Lightning Bolts 53650 attended the Western Edge Invitational FLL Open from May 12-14th in Long Beach, CA.  The team presented their innovation project, executed their robot runs, and competed an ‘On the Spot’ alliance robot competition!   

The alliance robot competition was intensely fought and cheered on by all teams. The team placed 12th out of the 80 teams, around 30 of which were international teams!

Congrats to the team!!

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We had friends from Brookfield East's Fashion Analysis class join us today to show off their works of art with Mrs. Thomson's 1st grade class.  Mrs. Thomson's class drew monsters which then were transformed into remarkably colorful and angelic creations.  The 1st graders were in awe of the talent and loved seeing their monsters come to life!  What an incredible experience for all involved.  Definitely a warm and fuzzy moment!

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We recognized our very own Heart Hero, Lilly Grabowski

Our 3rd graders raised $5993.58 for the American Heart Association through Jump Rope for Heart.  Way to go 3rd Graders!  The kids that raised the most money were picked to throw a pie in Mr. Rosa, Mr. Goodman and Mr. Ottos face.  So fun!


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Happy to report that the B.U.I.L.D. 44199 team had a successful journey to Houston to compete on the international stage.  They came back with a Woodie Flowers pin for Gracious professionalism, which was given to very few FLL teams (<5).  They were recognized during the awards ceremony for this. Their robot score was also ranked 45th at the competition with a high of 345 out of 415 possible points.  Most importantly, they had the opportunity to leverage STEM to connect with kids their age and older in an overwhelmingly inspiring and purposeful way - amazing experience - truly.  Some pictures attached here and more on our twitter @league_lego and website:


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The 2023 WI State Scholastic Chess Championship held on March 18th and 19th at The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh witnessed a massive participation of 500+ students in 4 categories (Varsity Team Selection, JV, K-8 and K-5) which is a record in the last 18 years of state scholastic chess history!

6 kids from Burleigh Elementary School participated in the K-5 category competing alongside 110 kids from various schools in the state. In this two day marathon event of 6 rounds, Burleigh Elementary came in 2nd position with 18.5 points (a total of Top 4 scores from each school)!!

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