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Bowling for Bananas Success!

This is a special announcement from the Physical Education Department:

Bowling for Bananas was once again a huge success for Burleigh Elementary staff and students.  Students in grades 5K-5th bowled a combined total of 1,365 strikes and 1,385 spares…that’s a lot of bananas!!!

First of all, WE would like to thank the PTO, and all the Parents for donating all the FRUIT.  Without their support, Bowling for Bananas would not be a success.  THANK YOU!  

All of the physical education classes worked real hard to win the prestigious Bowling for Bananas trophy.

Without further ado... this year’s 2023/2024 Bowling for Bananas champ is:

4th Grade Class High Score Mrs. DJ’s ’s Class AND overall bowling winner Mrs. Colemans’s  Class!

Congratulations to all your hard work Burleigh!


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