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Lego League Challenge

Five of our Elmbrook teams participated in the Lego League Challenge Regionals this weekend!

On MU Regional Saturday...

Veteran team BUILD 44199 (Saranya B, Elizabeth B, Jonathan B, Aylin C, Levi D, Alexander K, Sullivan K, Eythan K, Alexandra W) won the 1st Place Champions Award and 1st place in the robot game!  This team created an interactive bowling art sculpture and bowling scavenger hunt activity to encourage participation in bowling amongst elementary and middle school students.  To go on the hunt to find our artistic bowling pins and have a chance to win a prize, click here!

2nd year team Alpha Geek 55696 (Liam O, Nandana P, Vibha C, Sara A, Owen N, Lincoln L, Zaynab M, Akshaya T, Hugo K) won the 2nd place Champions Award and placed 3rd in the robot game! This team created an immersive geocaching story quest that uses the art form of sound design and geofencing technology to encourage families to participate in geocaching. You can find the first two hides of their quest at Elm Grove Village Park by using the official Geocaching App. Learn more on their website

Rookie team Power Voltage 60095 (Vedant S, Aaron F, Bill W, Brayden K, Chris I, Nate D, Abhayvir K) was nominated for a project award!  This team created a project related to music. 

On MU Regional Sunday...

2nd year team Motion Masters 57906 (Abhayaditya S, Akshaj S, Khizer S, Rayhan K, Shaurya T, and Thanishq K) placed 1st in the Robot performance game! They were among the nominees for the Best Innovation Project and are "on deck" for the sectionals. As part of their TechHoops project, the team created a framework for a fully immersive Virtual Reality (VR) app designed for learning basketball at home. The team researched the technical feasibility of the project, exploring various VR headsets, sensors, and application development platforms.

Rookie Team Technobots 60302 (Avishai V, Arovon M, Srishti S, Preethika P, Anagha P, Trijal V, Ayan B, Rishabh M,  Anuj N, Parth K) placed 4th in the Robot performance game. They were also nominated for the “Rising All-Star” award!  This team created a virtual platform called “Elmbrook Students Virtual Cricket Club” which is a one stop shop for all our local cricket enthusiasts. Learn more at their website.

Congrats to our teams!  Well done!


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