Congratulations to Burleigh Student, Thaathwik, On Your Recent Book Publication!

Do you ever think of writing a book? One of our 4th grade students did just that and now it is published!

About the Author:

Thaathwik Arsha Abhilash', 9 year old, lives in Brookfield, WI, with mom, dad, and little brother Thadwith. Thaathwik is a 4th grade student in Burleigh Elementary School, Brookfield.

He is a Karate black belt and working towards higher degree black belts. Thaathwik is an Art enthusiast who loves movies, music & dance. Thaathwik finds happiness in reading, drawing, painting & playing with his little brother. 

Dragon Summer is Thaathwik's 1st ever published book, Thank you all for the support and reading Dragon Summer.

Information Written by Thaathwik's 4th-grade teacher, Mrs. Phillips

Magic. Epic Adventures. Friendship.

The future of the Dragon Cities rests in his hands.  In Dragon's Summer, the unsuspecting hero, Thaathwik, is taken on a journey beyond the imaginations.  He gets the surprise of a lifetime in the middle of a typical day, seeing a dragon land in his yard!  Thaathwik and his dragon form a bond of friendship and trust that takes them through many adventures as they try to prevent the evil Shadow dragon from destroying the various dragon cities.   

The duty falls upon Thaathwik, the brave and witty human, to travel great lengths to the Dragon Cities on a mission to save the Dragon cities.  Throughout his adventures, we get to experience as Thaathwik learns about himself and the importance of great friends all while trying to stay alive among the dragons! 

Forward Written by Thaathwik's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Indestad

Dragon Summer begins on an ordinary summer day, filled with sunshine, bike rides, and bird watching. But what starts out as an ordinary day, quickly turns extraordinary when Thaathwik meets Ash. Thaathwik realizes that Ash is unlike the other birds he has been watching. Ash, he discovers, is no ordinary bird. 

I said, "Up Ash!".  He flew up. I was thrilled! I was riding a dragon! He flew up to the clouds and dived back down. The wind was flying in my hair. 

Ash, his new dragon friend, takes Thaathwik on an exciting "Dragon Summer" adventure, filled with suspense, intrigue, and bravery. There are portals and kingdoms and shapeshifters. Along the way, Ash introduces Thaathwik to Peregroenix. Then, another dragon named Breeze joins them on their quest. For fantasy lovers, with this adventure, you are in for a delightful treat.

This book, written by Thaathwik himself, is a fantastical tale that reflects the creative thinker that he is. I first met Thaathwik Arsha Abhilash as a student in my second-grade class. From the start, I noticed his bright smile and his inquisitive eyes. Thaathwik enjoys learning about new things, and he is passionate about his old favorites, such as the Peregrine Falcon. A preferred pick from second grade, Thaathwik found a way to weave this majestic bird into his story.  Thaathwik sprinkles his innate humor throughout the book, helping us get to know the characters in the story better. He also includes pronunciations, facts, and descriptions that reflect Thaathwik's attention to detail. Writing was an important part of our second-grade day, and I fondly remember right where Thaathwik sat, working enthusiastically on his books. 

Now a fourth-grader, Thaathwik is continuing to grow into an impressive writer. While learning at home, he set a goal to write a book, and he did just that. Through the pages of Dragon Summer, we are treated to a spectacular journey filled with interesting characters who set goals, encounter obstacles, but continue to persevere. Embedded in these pages, we also find a hard-working writer, eager to share an imaginative story with the world. We find a young author using his imagination to weave a tale for others to enjoy. We discover how hard work, perseverance, and enthusiasm can help us reach our own goals.   

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