School District Response to Mask Mandate Repeal

For this entire school year we have done everything possible to keep our students and staff safe while prioritizing in-person learning. This work has been a tremendously lift by our entire community and has relied upon the following actions and strategies:

  • Prioritizing over $2.6 million in expenditures that includes risk mitigation measures ranging from clean air filters to hundreds of gallons of sanitizer. 

  • Reimagining in-person learning with safety as our first lens; reinforcing social distancing in all classrooms, limiting student and staff mobility, cohorting students into small groups, and restricting access to our buildings. 

  • We have built a strong partnership with our families that relies on accurate reporting of illness and COVID-disease data, established a robust contact tracing system, and created a transparent COVID dashboard that has received over 200,000 hits since September. 

  • We created a Medical Advisory Board that has met weekly to review the latest science, research and our disease data in order to provide guidance on safety protocols, procedures and practices that prioritize safety.

Of all the safety and risk mitigation measures and efforts implemented, none has been more impactful than masking. The science and the data support this, and we stand behind it. We will continue to follow the science and rely on our Medical Advisory Board to help guide policies and procedures. To be clear, regardless of the political action in Madison, masks will be required in all schools for anyone entering a facility in the School District of Elmbrook. 

We are grateful for the continued support of County Executive Paul Farrow and State Legislators including Senator Dale Kooyenga, Representatives Robyn Vining and Sara Rodriguez who are equally committed to Staying Safe to Stay Open and were in opposition to the mask mandate repeal.