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Above & Beyond

deb nustad

Deborah Nustad is an Elmbrook parent that is passionate about providing students with the best possible educational opportunities. In order to help perpetuate this mission, she’s taken on several roles in the District that leverage her skills and add value to the experiences of students and staff members.

Dan Scott and Janelle Huber

Dan Scott, Director of Technology, and Janelle Huber, Student Services Administrative Assistant, were two of the staff members that not only subbed, but earned their substitute teaching license through a program offered by Elmbrook to help keep in-person learning going.

Cheryl on Bus

So many staff members have gone above and beyond to help stabilize operations and keep schools operating over the last few challenging school years, taking up tasks outside of their regular duties. Cheryl Waffenschmidt is a staple of Brookfield East High School’s culture. Cheryl earned her CDL in the summer of 2019, and this Fall and Winter has helped transport numerous teams to their extracurricular meets!