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LAUNCH is a collaboration of education, business, and community that is committed to providing Elmbrook juniors and seniors with unique, immersive experiences, resulting in highly skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders.

The program begins September 2017, and it needs YOU!

To ensure quality profession-based learning experiences, please consider engaging and investing by serving as a project champion/engaged coach, a professional training champion, guest instructor/speaker, by providing internships and/or mentorship/job shadow experiences, lunchtime storytelling / sharing your professional experience, and hosting site visits.

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With Pride and Gratitude

The School District of Elmbrook is proud of its Brookfield Central and Brookfield East graduates! For over 50 years our students have made a significant and lasting impact on their local, state, national and international communities. From a Pulitzer Prize winner, to state legislators, business owners, professional athletes, and everything in-between, our graduates are prepared to succeed in whatever they choose to pursue beyond high school.

Connecting with our alumni is an important strategy to measure our long-term impact on our students. We are grateful to the alumni who responded to the 2013 survey and look forward to seeking input from others in the years ahead. To stay informed of reunions and general alumni information, like us on Facebook.