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Calendar Committee

During the last two school years stakeholder feedback regarding school calendars, school start/end times, and the social, emotional, and academic well-being of our students, staff and families remains consistent and calls for action. In response to this feedback, the School District of Elmbrook will convene a Calendar Committee. The objective for the Calendar Committee is to make a two year school calendar recommendation to the Board of Education’s Personnel Committee by January 17, 2017.

Charge from the Superintendent

To help, the district established critical success factors to guide the work.

Critical Success Factors:
1. Solicits broad stakeholder input to include families, staff and community partners.
2. Promotes student, staff, and family well-being
3. Allows for professional development of our staff during the work day
4. Considers all Federal Holidays, Religious Observations, and State Mandates.

Key process steps include:
1. Conduct and evaluate segmented stakeholder survey results that include feedback and input on:
   a) school start/end time.
   b) school year start date.
   c) scheduled breaks.
   d) exam schedules.
   e) stakeholder needs/desires.
2. Provide recommendations on specific work-free weekends and/or scheduled breaks because we value our students and staff and want them to focus on well-being and family.
3. Recommend adjustments regarding co-curricular time requirements for staff and students.
4. Analyze the Thursday early release model for changes/modifications.

Calendar Committee Composition:
The following roles must be formally represented on this committee so as to ensure broad stakeholder involvement and representations:
Assistant Superintendent Dana Monogue
Head Coach HS (2)
Parent Network
Elmbrook Parent Leadership Council
PTO/Booster Club Presidents
BEHS Associate Principal/AD
BCHS Associate Principal/AD
Personnel Committee Representative
Director of HR
HS Principal
MS Principal
Elementary Principal
EEA President
Director of Student Services
Medical Community Representative
Transportation Company Representative
HS Student Representatives
Before/After School Provider
Superintendent - Ex Officio
Board President - Ex Officio

The Calendar Committee will be co-chaired by the Assistant Superintendent and Elmbrook Parent Leadership Council representative and work from a timeline that includes:
  • September - Ground committee in research and benchmark practices; Develop and deploy survey
  • October - Analyze survey results, develop ideas, prioritize requirements
  • November - Develop possible solutions and solicit feedback
  • December - Narrow solutions to recommendation
  • January - make recommendation to personnel

Committee Members

  • Dr. Dana Monogue, Assistant Superintendent/Co-facilitator
  • Kristin Westrick, Elmbrook Parent Leadership Council/Co-facilitator
  • Tom Gehl, School Board Personnel Committee Member
  • Ronn Blaha, High School Head Coach - BCHS
  • Michael Goodman, High School Head Coach - BEHS
  • Silvia Pasquini, Parent Network
  • Dave Richter, President BCHS Booster Club
  • Bill Aslin, Co-President BEHS Booster Club
  • Don Kurth, Athletic Director - BCHS
  • Ben Westphal, Athletic Director - BEHS
  • Brett Gruetzmacher, Principal - BCHS
  • Mark Peperkorn, Principal - PPMS
  • Kristin Olson, Principal - Tonawanda
  • Cheryl Schenk, Assistant Principal - BEHS
  • Dr. Tanya Fredrich, Director of Student Services
  • Julie Hardie, Elmbrook Education Association
  • Deena Camden, Elmbrook Education Association
  • Jean Nigel, Middle School Teacher
  • Dr. Rodney Willoughby, Pediatrician, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Sue Mieling, YMCA of Waukesha County
  • Joe Jeanguenat, First Student Transportation Company
  • Christine Birt, Parent
  • Heidi Kohler, Parent
  • Sharie Sinson, Parent
  • Valle Moretti, Parent
  • Riley Wistrom, Student - BCHS
  • Pranav Shashidhar, Student - BCHS
  • Brandi Thomsen, Student - BCHS
  • Caroline Westrick, Student - BEHS
  • Everett Cartier, Student - BEHS
  • Justin Parbs, Student - BEHS
  • Kathryn Wilson, School Board President - Ex Officio
  • Dr. Mark Hansen, Superintendent - Ex Officio