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We are committed to providing families with in-person and virtual learning options throughout this school year. If you would like to request a change to your child's current learning model for Quarter/Term 4 (beginning April 6), please complete the form linked below by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 7.

Virtual or In-Person Learning Change Request Form

Families who would like their child to continue with their current learning model do not need to complete this form and can delete this message.

We have several resources that could help you make an informed decision including:

  • A webpage that describes the virtual and in-person learning environments for elementary, middle and high school, as well as addresses many frequently asked questions. 

  • The District's COVID-19 Data Dashboard, which provides current disease data in the District, Community and County. 

Any change requested by March 7th will be for the duration of the 4th Quarter, which runs from April 6 - June 10, 2021. Families changing from virtual learning to in-person learning will have the opportunity to be placed on a bus route, if desired. All schedule changes and bus transportation route information will be communicated by Wednesday, March 24th. 

Please direct any other questions you may have about a learning model change for your child to your school Principal. 

Read more about 4th Quarter Learning Model Change Form due Sunday, March 7

The Medical Advisory Board did not meet during the week of February 22-26. Its next meeting will be Tuesday, March 2nd at 5:30pm.

While both staff and student disease data remain low, staffing absences and a shortage of substitutes continue to put a strain on the District. Increasing student mobility in grades K-8 and returning to a more normal student schedule will relieve some stress of daily staffing assignments. This is currently underway in all of our K-8 schools. 

Families will have one more opportunity from March 3-7 to change their virtual or in-person learning preference for fourth quarter/term. In addition, the District will ask students, families and staff to participate in the annual satisfaction and engagement surveys in Mid-March. Your feedback is valued and continues to inform our short- and long-term planning.

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