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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Workgroup

School districts across the country have mission statements that allude to aspirations for successful graduates. For example, all students will do well and have post-secondary options and become productive members of their communities. However, few districts have delineated the common core principles or Non-Negotiables that can define how we will meet those aspirations for every single student, regardless of their background or experiences.

Simply claiming goals such as “improving achievement for all children” or “success for all” is not enough.  Each and every student is entitled to a high quality, integrated, and comprehensive education with their peers. We have a moral imperative to ensure that all students are a part of this vision, including those students who are typically not considered during school reform practices or those students who do not typically 'fit in'.

Holding both achievement and belonging for all learners in high priority, is essential. But without a delineation of  Non-Negotiables that can provide a road map to assist in making such goals operational, we (as school district) tend to continue to perpetuate a program model and achievement/opportunity gaps for students with disabilities, linguistically diverse, students of color, and students of poverty.

This work group will be led by Dr. Elise Frattura and Dr. Tanya Fredrich, Director of Student Services in Elmbrook.