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The 6th Annual Engaged in Excellence will be held on Monday, May 3 at 6pm! This event is an opportunity to recognize staff and community excellence across our district, and celebrate our retirees. Awards will be presented to recognize Elmbrook staff, alumni and community partners. The event will be livestreamed to the Elmbrook Schools YouTube channel with limited in-person attendance exclusively for finalists and award winners.

Please direct any questions to pr@elmbrookschools.org.

Nominations were accepted through Sunday, March 7 at 11:59pm. All nominees have been recognized and honored throughout the selection process.


February 15: Nomination Window Opens
March 7: Nominations Close
March: Selection Committee Meets to Determine Finalists
April 9 (4pm): Finalists Announced Via YouTube Livestream
May 3: Engaged in Excellence Awards Show!


Click to the years below to view highlights from previous shows:

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2021 Golden Apple Recipients

Jennie Nellis

Excellence in Teaching - Elementary:
Jennie Nellis (Fifth Grade, Brookfield Elementary)

Mark Gimla

Excellence in Teaching - Middle School:
Mark Gimla (Social Studies, Wisconsin Hills)

Angela Sidebottom

Excellence in Teaching - High School:
Angela Sidebottom (Special Education, Fairview South)

Trenton Coleman

Excellence in Teaching - New Educator:
Trenton Coleman (Math, Brookfield Central)

Aspen Verink

Excellence in Virtual Teaching (K-8):
Aspen Verink (Fifth Grade, Burleigh Elementary)

Jennifer Sabinash

Excellence in Teaching Support:
Jennifer Sabinash (Special Education Assistant, Burleigh Elementary)

Anusha Mathavaraj Ganesan

Excellence in Virtual Teaching Support:
Anusha Mathavaraj Ganesan (Learning Support, Tonawanda)

Luke Sadowski

Excellence in Leadership:
Luke Sadowski (Principal, Dixon Elementary)

Cindy Lakatos

Excellence in Student Services:
Cindy Lakatos (School Counselor, Pilgrim Park)

Lisa Jennaro

Excellence in Service & Support:
Lisa Jennaro (Senior HR Specialist / Leave Coordinator, District Office)

Kathy Adams
Kristie Attenberger
Tanya Fredrich
Lisa Jennaro
Leanna Manser
Amie Williams

Excellence in Teamwork:
COVID Tracing Team (Kathleen Adams, Kristie Attenberger, Tanya Fredrich, Lisa Jennaro, Leanna Manser, Amie Williams; District-wide)

Mike Rose

Excellence in Coaching or Advising:
Mike Rose (Swimming & Diving Coach; Brookfield East)

Jill Kokta
Lori Golomski

Alumni Excellence:
Jill Kokta (Brookfield East Class of 1979),
Lori Golomski (Brookfield Central Class of 1981)

Medical Advisory Board

Excellence in Volunteering:
Medical Advisory Board (Dr. Mushir Hassan, Dr. Glen Allgaier, Dr. Michelle Mitchell, Dr. Zouyan Lu, Dr. Heather Paradis, Dr. Andrew Olaffson, Dr. Mustafa Hussein)