2017 Finalist Profiles

Golden Apple Award

Excellence in Teaching - Elementary

wanda boggsWanda Boggs, 4th grade, Brookfield Elementary
Wanda Boggs is a leader and model in teaching growth mindset to students. This year, she has expanded her influence by teaching parents and Elmbrook staff about the transformative power of the mind. Mrs. Boggs’ classroom is a safe and dynamic environment where students not only learn, but thrive. Her students are empowered, support and coach each other, and believe that with enough practice and effort, they can do whatever they want to do.

angie fellAngie Fell, 1st grade, Dixon Elementary
Angie Fell is a humble, compassionate, empathetic, and dynamic teacher. Angie rises to any challenge and modifies her classroom to adjust to the needs of her students in support of their success. Her connection with the students and parents, and her ability to personalize learning for each student is always present and appreciated by many. Angie is a role model for other teachers, who frequently observe her classroom to learn and reflect on their own teaching practices.

nathan lunk

Nathan Lunk, Music Education, Burleigh Elementary
Nathan Lunk believes music requires movement in addition to playing an instrument. His energy, enthusiasm and passion for teaching music echos in homes around the dinner table as students share with their parents how much they love him. He embraces all learners and works diligently to include everyone during lessons. This year, Nathan wanted students to have a more hands-on experience in his music room so he wrote for a grant. This grant resulted in the purchase of 16 standing drums and the creation of the Drum Club which meets weekly before school. His students love going to music class and after receiving instructions respond to his “good luck” with a Good Lunk!

Laura Schubert

Laura Schubert, Kindergarten, Swanson Elementary
Laura Schubert creates a community within her kindergarten classroom in which her students know they belong. Utilizing inclusive practices and trauma training, she is focused on continuous improvement of her kindergartners. Her dedication to reaching and teaching each student is described as relentless, magic, and unparalleled. The impact she has on her students extends beyond academics, with a parent nominee stating that this has been the best year of her son’s life, and the “sense of belonging has opened his heart and his mind to learning.”

pam wirtz

Pam Wirtz, Music Education, Tonawanda Elementary
Pam is one of the backbones of music in Elmbrook. Pam has been a staple of Tonawanda for years and her diligent, impassioned work is acknowledged by parents and staff alike. She is a leader in the K-12 Music Department whose impact extends far beyond her school. Pam uses her work in music to inspire her students to become tolerant, caring individuals that are always eager to learn. In addition to the countless musical opportunities she gives Tonawanda, Pam also helps to organize all Wilson Center events for the district.

Excellence in Teaching - Middle School

ceceila carseCecelia Carse, Special Education, Wisconsin Hills
Ceil Carse, in her final year of teaching, will leave on a high note knowing she has had a deep and lasting impact on her colleagues at WHMS. Most recently, Ceil’s leadership as Special Education Department Chair has guided inclusive practices across the school through purposeful training and development of her teaching colleagues so that their work continues for years to come. According to one of her nominations, “Ceil demonstrates a level of professionalism that is higher than any I have seen in my years of employment in either the public or private sector.”

Lindy DesJarlais

Lindy DesJarlais, Social Studies, Pilgrim Park
Lindy DesJarlais is a model for her usage of best practice in all things inside and out of the classroom. She is constantly pushing her students to do their best with hyper-engaging daily lessons, and her impact stems beyond her classroom and across the Social Studies department. Ms. DesJarlais makes students feel cared for in each minute of the day and gives her utmost to help each student grow into becoming well-rounded learners.

Michelle Pavletich

Michelle Pavletich, Math, Pilgrim Park
Michelle is a leader in the Math Department at PPMS and is an expert in formative assessment and master at classroom management. She has a desire to reach every student that walks through her doors and always fully engages student with meaningful activities in her class. Her seamless teaching lessons provide personalized learning for students at all levels of their Math journey. Michelle gives her all in every task that she takes on, and shows her passion and care for her students in everything she does.

Michelle Simons

Michelle Simons, Interventionist, Wisconsin Hills
Michelle Simons’ success as an interventionist at Wisconsin Hills is due to her ability to quickly establish positive relationships with students and staff. Michelle’s success last year with a small team of teachers, led to the expansion of her role and collaboration with entire grade levels and departments. She has ignited disciplinary literacy in the Social Studies Department this year and used the Design Thinking process for 7th grade enrichment. She is an emerging leader whose creativity and passion for students is contagious.

Excellence in Teaching - High School

Laura AvissatoLaura Avissato, English, Brookfield East
Since Laura joined Elmbrook in 2014, she has made significant contributions to the English Department by offering improvements and resources to revolutionize parts of the way they teach English. She has implemented a writing support course for students who have additional writing needs. This year Laura took on the major responsibility of leading year-long, all-school professional development on literacy. She not only played a major role in the the development of the curriculum within her Department, but has also united her entire school with a common language with which to teach and assess writing in all content areas. Laura’s nomination stems from her strong leadership skills and willingness to collaborate with and mentor her peers.

Emily Barmantje

Emily Barmantje, Science, Brookfield East
Emily Barmantje is a highly regarded teacher at Brookfield East. She teaches rigorous science courses like Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and medical terminology, in addition to serving as Student Council co-advisor. Mrs. Barmantje is an expert in project-based learning and Project Lead the Way. Her desire to provide real-world opportunities for her students has resulted in partnerships with the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Jason GilletteJason Gillette, Music, Brookfield Central
Jason Gillette’s passion for live music is contagious to both students and parents alike. The deep interest he has for each student creates a lasting relationship with those who participate in the band program. Once students join Brookfield Central’s band program, they never want to leave as a direct result of Jason’s ability to form that exceptional teacher to student connection. Jason takes the time to mentor students not only in music, but also in life. In this past year, evidence of Jason’s outstanding leadership could be observed in the growth of his students’ skills, passion and confidence.

Mike Mohammad

Mike Mohammad, Science, Brookfield Central
Mike Mohammad has blazed a personalized learning trail at the high school level for many others to follow. His influence has reached educators around the world through multiple platforms. Mike is highly collaborative and will drop everything to share and support students and staff. He has redefined teacher development by fostering the belief that growth in teaching is an internal drive and not something just handed to a person. This past year, Mike brought the first-ever EdCamp to Elmbrook. He has been recognized nationally for his work in creating a student-centered classroom and has been a leader in personalized learning in the school, district, region and at the national level.

Excellence in Teaching - New Educator

Jena Berg

Jena Berg, Speech and Language Pathologist, Burleigh Elementary
Jena Berg has transformed the historic Speech-Path Model into a new model that focuses on the social-emotional functioning of all students - not just those in her caseload. Jena collaborates with classroom teachers and works directly in the classroom with students. Her innovative approach has changed what speech and language services can look like in an inclusive environment throughout the district. Through the development of picture support systems, use of assistive technology, or rehearsed social stories, Jena finds ways to integrate her supports and interventions in functional capacities in the classroom setting. Jena demonstrates a wisdom beyond her years and innovation, passion and positivity that should be emulated by all.

Dan Lambert

Daniel Lambert, Special Education Teacher, Brookfield Elementary
Daniel is in his first year as a special education teacher and has quickly become a true gift to the students and Brookfield Elementary school community. Arriving early and working through his lunches, he has made himself readily accessible to staff, students and parents. He has a positive attitude and builds meaningful relationships while having high expectations and holding his students accountable. He will always strive for what is best for the student; whether that means providing more services or in some cases, fewer services, to meet each student’s individual needs. A team player, he is selfless and respectful of his colleagues and students.

Erin Rademacher

Erin Rademacher, Art, Pilgrim Park
Erin Rademacher is in her first year of teaching, but engages with her students as though she were a veteran teacher. With Rademacher in her new role, interest in art and art class enrollment has seen exponential growth. Focusing on the content, she lets her students find their own way to project completion, allowing for authentic artistic expression. Erin is the epitome of personalized learning at PPMS, even taking time out of her lunch and after school hours to continue to help students learn and grow.

Chad Scheffler

Chad Scheffler, Special Education, Wisconsin Hills
Chad Scheffler’s calm demeanor and confident approach allow him to successfully support the needs of all students in the classroom. Chad has been the steadying force in a team-taught, 6th grade classroom leveraging his experience and ability to build relationships with all students. He is the model of what co-teaching should be - collaborating with peers, centered on students, and communicating frequently with students and families. Chad’s greatest strength may be that he refuses to let “adult issues” get in the way of doing what is right for students.

Kellie TutkowskiKellie Tutkowski, English, Brookfield East
Kellie Tutkowski has been an English teacher for the last three years, but has quickly established herself as a leader at Brookfield East. She created a workshop style class, so that regardless of her 9th grade students’ reading level or learning abilities, they could all access the curriculum. Ms. Tutkowski created the SAFE Club, which strives to create a school environment that is tolerant of all people and social justice. As the leader of the Equity Team, Kellie brings parents and administrators together to close the achievement gap for students of color. Her devotion to inclusion both in and out of the classroom has made a huge impact at Brookfield East.

Excellence in Service & Support

Jill Kokta

Jill Kokta, Communications Coordinator, Central Office
Jill Kokta has had a stellar year in the Communications Department. She managed the massive project of converting the District’s entire website, over 1,000 individual web pages, to a new platform this spring. Jill’s design talents helped brand the LAUNCH program and were used to create all of the new recruiting materials for our incoming Kindergarten families. Because of the nature of her job, Jill’s service spans from Board meeting videos to the LINK publication which is mailed to all 20,000 Elmbrook households, and yet, despite the scope of work, she is able to consistently produce high quality work under extremely tight deadlines.

Monty Ringe

Monty Ringe, Custodial Staff, Pilgrim Park
Monty Ringe has a problem-solver brain and an ever-positive attitude. Monty’s work covers four schools through the day and is always available to remove any obstacle to learning that the day may bring. Monty works well to collaborate with his colleagues to create solutions to issues that are often better than the original product. Monty goes above and beyond to ensure that the district is functioning at full power all throughout the week.

Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor, Athletics and Activities Assistant, Brookfield Central
Joy Taylor puts the service of others at the forefront of all she does. She not only serves any parent, student, teacher, club advisor, or coach that enters the athletic office but she seeks to gain a connection with everyone. Her work ethic and drive to make the department the best it can be is heartfelt and genuine. She embodies professionalism and customer service at the highest of levels. “Her name is Joy and she certainly lives up to it.”

Cheryl Waffenschmidt

Cheryl Waffenschmidt, Athletics and Activities Assistant , Brookfield East
Cheryl is the administrative assistant to Athletic and Activities’ Department. As 95% of all East students are involved in an activity or athletic program, Cheryl touches the lives of almost every student in the building. She juggles numerous forms, fees, awards, spirit wear orders, bulletin updates, and scheduling requests among of hundreds of other duties and answers thousands of questions a year. She is patient, knowledgeable and selfless, and not only does a fantastic job in the office, but she also attends almost every home athletic event and activity. She has a true Spartan heart!

Christy Westfall

Christy Westfall, Executive Assistant for Teaching and Learning, Central Office
Christy Westfall has led a transformation in the Teaching and Learning Department this past year. In addition to assuming a new role as Executive Assistant, Christy has onboarded three new assistants in the Department! Christy has quickly built this new support staff team into a high-performing, customer-focused department through strong collaboration, documentation of procedures, and purposeful development. Christy continues to expand her influence across the district, volunteering in the schools and leading professional development at Central Office staff meetings.

Excellence in Volunteering

Deborah Cortessi

Deborah Cortessi, Tonawanda Elementary
Deborah Cortessi is a friendly and beloved face amongst the halls of Tonawanda. A former Tonawanda parent, each morning Deborah greets students as they enter the building and the students love the energy that she brings to their mornings. Ms. Cortessi shows up to support students in their activities and performances, and she has even implemented ideas to make morning bus drop-off more efficient. She is loved by students and staff alike for her positive addition to each school day.

Nicole Kanz

Nicole Kanz, Burleigh Elementary
Nicole Kanz is never afraid to take on any project, large or small. As an incredibly dedicated volunteer, her hands have been on many projects at Burleigh Elementary. She single-handedly organized the book room-complete with spreadsheets cataloging for teachers what books are available, as well as, organizing the Maker Space. Nicole’s biggest imprint at Burleigh has been made through the Compost Club. The club was created as a result of Nicole’s idea, passion and commitment. She worked directly with Waukesha County to get students recognized as compost leaders and procured all the school’s compost buckets at no cost. Nicole is the #1 ambassador for Burleigh Elementary.

Silvia Pasquini

Silvia Pasquini, Elmbrook Parent Network, District
In her second year as President of Elmbrook’s Parent Network, Silvia has actively pursued opportunities that meet the needs of parents and families across the District. Parent Network plays an active role in social-emotional learning development for students and parents, and hosted a “Most Likely to Succeed” screening at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center that attracted over 350 people from across the region. Parent Network also sponsored FaceBrook, which advocates for intergenerational learning centered on multicultural reading and experiences. Silvia’s impact through her service continues to grow through her tireless effort and great energy.

Wendy Penney

Wendy Penney, Dixon Elementary
Positive, dedicated and respected, Wendy Penney is “the truest example of giving.” With almost 2,000 volunteer hours over the last nine years, she is willing to help in any capacity. Through her work with the Scholastic Book Fair in the Fall of 2016, $12,000 in books went to Dixon classrooms and the library, while over 1,700 books were donated to students less fortunate. Wendy has always been able to inspire others to give of their time, and this year secured support from employees of Kohl’s Corporation for Dixon School projects. Last Fall, Wendy provided critical support to others across the district as MySchoolAnywhere was deployed to all schools and parent organizations.

Kristin Westrick

Kristin Westrick, Elmbrook Parent Leadership Council, District
Kristin Westrick has served in a variety of volunteer roles across the schools and district. This year, Kristin volunteered to co-facilitate the Calendar Committee, whose scope of work ranged from homework-free breaks to reviewing the early release schedule. Kristin continued her service as President of the Elmbrook Parent Leadership Council, working to develop tomorrow’s school and district volunteers. Finally, Kristin served as the Chair of Elmbrook Education Foundation’s Grant Committee, which recently distributed over $10,000 to teachers across the District.

Excellence in Leadership

Kay Benning

Kay Benning, District Library Coordinator, Central Office
Kay Benning is committed to promoting literacy and a love of reading to all students and staff. This year, Kay strengthened our District’s partnership with Boswell Books, which has resulted in 12 different author visits (for free!) from some of today’s most famous children’s authors. These authors spoke to approximately 3,000 students! Kay’s leadership in Overdrive has contributed to 1,000 unique district users engaging with Overdrive and e-books. Her work to expand its use led to invitations to speak at Wisconsin’s Media and Technology Association, participation in a webinar hosted by ASCD, and an invitation to be a panel presenter at Overdrive’s international conference this summer.

Dan Gebauer

Dan Gebauer, Teaching & Learning Specialist, Pilgrim Park
Dan Gebauer is a true advocate for education at Pilgrim Park. Looking for small wins that will evolve into big wins, Mr. Gebauer is a leader in Elmbrook’s Assistive Technology initiative. He takes individual staff members and teams from where they are and provides them with opportunities for growth, and he also serves on the PPMS Leadership Team. Dan’s approachable attitude, calm demeanour, and practical support have made him a highly-valued resource in the school community.

Nicole Heller

Nicole Heller, School Psychologist, Burleigh Elementary
Nicole Heller is a natural leader and trailblazer. She has been influential in the expansion of the Burleigh Problem Solving Team to ensure that student progress is tracked by research-based data. Nicole passion for students and their well-being earns her respect from students, parents, and colleagues. Nicole genuinely listens to students when they talk to her and students trust that she has their best interest in mind. As a result of Nicole’s work, Burleigh Elementary has seen a decrease in the achievement gap in the past few years.

Heidi Rowley

Heidi Erven Rowley, School Psychologist, Tonawanda Elementary
Heidi Rowley is a school psychologist and leader in the Special Education department. She gives her best at all times in order to benefit parents and students alike. Heidi’s work helps students to overcome and work through any problems they may be having in the classroom, and she additionally serves as a bridge between parents and teachers as she helps work through tough issues and conversations. Heidi’s personable attitude makes her a cornerstone at Tonawanda.

Emily Pratt

Emily Pratt, Teaching & Learning Specialist, Wisconsin Hills
Emily Pratt has leveraged her ability to build relationships with staff in order to inspire great gains among several teacher teams this year. Those she works with sing her praises and her administrators value her student-centered coaching that moves both students and staff members forward. Emily gives far beyond what is expected of her, and is described as a “passionate advocate for kids, a persistent problem solver, and someone who thinks deeply about how to enhance the learning and work environment for all involved.”

Excellence in Teaching Support

Christine Daugherty

Christine Daugherty, Teaching Assistant, Brookfield Elementary
Christine Daugherty provides a high level of support to students who need it the most with tremendous success. She goes above and beyond by providing high quality, well-planned lessons in order to provide the best support to her students. By building up her students and encouraging them to believe in themselves, she has changed the life trajectory for many of her students.

Sheila Fabiszak

Sheila Fabiszak, Learning Support Assistant, Dixon
Sheila provides learning support for math and reading to a wide range of students at Dixon. Students enjoy working with her, she is highly regarded by staff, and is always willing to help wherever she is needed. Sheila is an advocate for her students by effectively communicating with teachers, staff and parents. Her compassion and tireless effort are recognized and appreciated by all members of the Dixon community.

Kristy Harder

Kristy Harder, Special Education Teaching Assistant, Fairview South
Kristy Harder is an engaging teaching assistant at Fairview South. She goes above and beyond to provide all students at Fairview South with the physical and emotional support they need. Kristy’s collaboration with her peers and constant seeking of ideas and feedback allow her to continually develop and and effectively support her students. Her positivity, humor, professionalism, and ability to challenge each student to be his/her best make Kristy among the top teaching assistants in the district.

Jane Kershasky

Jane Kershasky, Learning Support Assistant, Swanson
Jane continually goes above and beyond in her efforts to assist the students she supports. She develops a rapport with each student and takes time to tailor her work to match the needs of the individual. She is a team player, often giving up her own prep time in order to meet with teachers about progress. Jane’s humor, wit and laugh make learning opportunities fun and students look forward to the time they spend with her.

Jim Qualler

Jim Qualler, Teaching Assistant, Wisconsin Hills
Jim’s positive outlook on life and his job impacts students and staff alike. In just his first year, Jim has embedded himself in the 8th grade classrooms supporting students’ needs, no matter how challenging the situation. Jim’s mindset sets the tone for his relationships and has proven to be invaluable for the school community. His love for his job is apparent, and Jim has been heard to say, “how lucky am I that I get to come to work with students every day?!”

Excellence in Teamwork

WHMS 8th Grade Science team

8th Grade Science Team, Wisconsin Hills
Across our District we have seen evidence of how one team or grade level can influence the collective teacher mindset of an entire school. That team at Wisconsin Hills is the 8th grade science team consisting of Shari Gajria, Julie Wessel, and Becca Murray. Leaders in the use of learner profiles and academic and career plans, this team relies on each other for support while they take smart risks and “relentlessly pursue new and better ways to reach students.” Additionally, the science team members transparently share their experiences with colleagues, who gain inspiration and wisdom from their work.

BCHS Tech Ed Team

Technology Education Department, Brookfield Central
The Technology Education team is a cohesive unit that is constantly trying to improve their craft. From teaching twenty different preps to selling old equipment, the Tech Ed department goes to great lengths to provide the next-level support the building needs. They collaborate and problem-solve on a daily basis. Their dynamic and responsive collaboration translates into a great environment for the students.

Brookfield Elementary Fine and Related arts team

Fine & Related Arts Team, Brookfield Elementary
The “specials” team of Anne Brennan, Kristin Wolf, Scott Malcolm, Annie Wisner, Eli Grajkowski, and Lauren Sieger create opportunities everyday for students to sing, perform, and create. Together, they helped raise over $14,000 through Jump Rope for Heart and have shared their love of music with residents of local nursing homes and through traveling concerts at Brookfield Elementary. The team is constantly communicating with each other and classroom teachers to create an environment that is open, friendly, and safe for all students.

Project Strive team

Project STRIVE, Brookfield East and Brookfield Central
Sara Murdoch, an Elmbrook teacher for 40 years, began Project STRIVE in 2011. Together with Bob Alcorta, a Speech/Langauge pathologist, and Helen Stangel and Dawn Janowski, special education assistants, they have built a successful program for students. They provide individualized vocational, recreational, social and independent living skill training to students with intellectual disabilities and/or autism. With creativity, constant collaboration and problem-solving, this team has worked tirelessly to help students meet their potential by connecting families and outside agencies to authentic vocational training opportunities. Together the team provides transportation and job coaching off-site and has had an incredible impact on each student and his/her family!

Swanson building leadership team

Building Leadership Team, Swanson
The “dream team” made up of Luke Sadowski, Susan Phelps, Mary Beth Bartels, Shyla Calhoun, and Julie Rutkowski flourished this year. They regularly take initiative in coaching, leading, student engagement, interventions, and PLC work. Through collaboration, shared ownership, and proactive planning, this group took it upon themselves to make sure Swanson is a great place to learn and work.

Excellence in Coaching & Advising

Helen Andrews

Helen Andrews, Forensics (4N6) Advisor, Pilgrim Park
Helen Andrews is an advisor that pushes her students to reach their full potential. As a veteran employee of PPMS, her work with 4N6 produces state-level Forensics qualifiers on a regular basis. It is this foundation for success that students carry with them to Brookfield East’s accomplished Forensics team. Helen’s dedication to the 4N6 program and its participating students can only truly be defined by the lives she’s touched.

Jen Beug-Hoffman

Jen Beug-Hoffman, Mindfulness Club and Striders Club Advisor, Swanson
Jen is a Swanson parent who turned a need into action, offering to lead the Mindfulness and Striders Clubs at Swanson in order to provide students with the tools to relieve stress and improve well-being through physical activity, relaxation and meditation. These clubs have had a positive impact on the school community due to the “positive energy, mutual respect, kindness, and exuberance” that Jen promotes through her leadership, and students will benefit from these clubs well into their middle and high school years.

Ben Farley

Ben Farley, Head Football Coach, Brookfield East
Coach Ben Farley created an inclusive and positive environment for football players at Brookfield East High School. He inspired leadership and excellence by focusing on the players and their strengths. The team was able to overcome adversity and challenges, resulting in the team’s first state championship in school history.

Tom Juran

Tom Juran, LEGEND Yearbook, Brookfield Central
Tom Juran has built and produced an award-winning yearbook program for Brookfield Central. He is not only exceptional in teaching Adobe Suite, but also creates relationships with his students that are second to none. The LEGEND was named among the top thirty yearbooks in the country this year and also had the honor of winning the National Scholastic Press Association PACEMAKER award. This is Scholastic journalism’s highest national honor and a first for the BCHS yearbook. Tom excels at mentoring his students to become leaders for the work. In a recent Alumni Profile a quote from one of his past students, now a photographer for VOGUE magazine, summed it up by stating “Mr. Tom Juran was such an important teacher and mentor in my life, I can’t thank him enough for everything he did to nurture my creativity.”

Huel Sanders

Huel Sanders, Head Wrestling, Assistant Track, and Assistant Cross Country Coach, Wisconsin Hills
Huel’s support for his student-athletes extends far beyond the wrestling mat, track or cross country course. Observed his nominator, “I often see Huel during his prep time and lunch in the hallways talking to his athletes, making personal connections in order to bring out the best in each individual.” Huel has grown a wrestling program from 11 to 35 wrestlers each year by building relationships and finding opportunities for each student to contribute to the team. Huel supports his athletes’ club pursuits as well, most recently attending and coaching their participation in the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Championships. States one peer, “Huel’s expectations and actions contribute positively to the climate at Wisconsin Hills.”

Jennifer Toth

Jennifer Toth, Dance/Poms Coach, Brookfield East
Jennifer Toth is the Head Coach of Brookfield East’s dance team, the Spartanettes. The excellent reputation this dance team holds is due largely to the strong leadership of Jen. For years, Jen works year-round to provide a positive atmosphere for her athletes to learn teamwork, discipline, perseverance and resilience. She empowers student leadership and builds a strong team by example. Her passion and commitment to the team is endless. Jennifer personally looks out for each girl and is a hardworking, dedicated and inspirational coach. Her enthusiasm and energy never wanes and the incredible amount of time and her dedication to excellence distinguishes her from her peers.

Excellence in Substitute Teaching

Cindy FlynnCindy Flynn, Brookfield Central
As a frequent substitute for long-term leaves, Cindy Flynn has taken over in many different situations and subject-matters and thrived in them all. She brings a positive presence into every room she enters. She garners respect from both students and staff. Meeting students needs is at the root of every decision she makes. Cindy uses her downtime to readily and routinely offer help to members of the department. She becomes an integral part of every teaching team she joins as a long-term substitute. It is hard to find a more respected, professional and dedicated substitute teacher than Cindy Flynn.

Sarah Kolafa

Sarah Kolafa, Brookfield Elementary
Sarah Kolafa is a long-term substitute at Brookfield Elementary. In one semester, as a brand new teacher, she has built strong relationships with parents, students, and staff. She came in and quickly set classroom expectations, tirelessly reviewed student data to get a clear picture of her students, and planned quality lessons. Ms. Kolafa has navigated challenges by being solution-focused and an open communicator. She is a reflective practitioner who is constantly seeking feedback and additional training.

John Parteka

John Parteka, Pilgrim Park
John Parteka is a self-sufficient substitute teacher that is always willing to take on any role the classroom requires. He is ever-accommodating and gives his all to his role in each class subject area. John is always willing to take on extra assignments and runs each classroom he takes on with grace and ease.

Alumni Excellence Award

The recipients of the 2017 Alumni Excellence Awards will be:

Patty Metropulos

Patty Metropulos
Brookfield Central Class of 1984

Patty is a proud Brookfield Central graduate and current Executive Director and CEO of Kathy’s House, located in Wauwatosa. Kathy’s House is a hospital guest house for families who need to travel to Milwaukee for medical care, most for cancer treatment.

Read Patty's full Alumni Spotlight profile here.

David Richter

David Richter
Brookfield East Class of 1987

David is a proud graduate of Brookfield East and has served as President of Brookfield Central Booster Club since 2015. Richter has coached countless Elmbrook students through the years in a variety of sports and is a member of the Merck Pharmaceuticals team for 17 years.
Read David's full Alumni Spotlight profile here.

Excellence in a Community Partnership

Boswell Books

Boswell Book Company

During the 2016-17 school year, the Boswell Book Company, solidified a special relationship with the Elmbrook. In just one year, over 3,000 students were able to meet and hear from some of the greatest Children’s authors today. These authors, with names such as Cronin, Pilkey, Daywalt and Messenger, are known for their book titles: Click, Clack, Moo; Captain Underpants; The Day the Crayons Quit; and Keeper of the Lost Cities.

At no cost to the District, The Boswell Book Company provided nine different authors this year to share their stories with our students, in support of literacy and to inspire the next generation of authors in our community. For its commitment to the students and staff of our schools, and in support of our greatest objective, literacy, the School District of Elmbrook celebrates its partnership with Boswell Books.