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Enrollment Balancing Task Force

In March 2016, the Board of Education created the Enrollment Balancing Task Force to create a representative group of stakeholders charged with studying enrollment trends and projections, the capacity of school facilities, housing starts and real estate turnover, and community birth rates, in order to make a recommendation regarding balancing enrollment across the District for at least the next five years.

After five months of work, the Task Force released its recommendation on August 12. This recommendation will be presented to the Board of Education and Elmbrook Community for comments and feedback through a variety of formal presentations and discussion by the Board of Education, and information sessions at many school locations. A Board of Education decision on balancing enrollment is expected by December.


The Enrollment Balancing Task Force hosted a Community Forum on September 20 at Wisconsin Hills Middle School. Five parents joined representatives from the district to discuss the recommendations and answer questions. A summary of the discussion includes:

  • Attendees asked questions about why Tracts 113, 146, and 115 (111 East) were selected to move, and not Tracts 180, 181, and 183.
  • It was clarified that the projections estimated by 2020-21 about 40% of students at Dixon would be attending WHMS/BCHS and about 60% would attend PPMS/BEHS. Other projections include approximately 35-40% of Dixon students attending WHMS/BCHS and 60-65% PPMS/BEHS by 2017-18.
  • Knowing that total elementary capacity may be reached in several years, attendees asked if there were any plans to add capacity, open an existing school (Hillside) or build a new school. The district’s architects confirmed which schools have space to add capacity, should it be a need in the future.
  • Several attendees said they appreciated how much work was done and trust in the data. However, they felt a need to advocate for keeping their children at Swanson due to the strong connection they have to the school. They are aware of Dixon’s reputation as a great school as well.
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On August 12, the Enrollment Balancing Task Force released its recommendation to the School District of Elmbrook’s Board of Education. The full report as well as other information such as a schedule of several information sessions and feedback opportunities can be found at http://www.elmbrookschools.org/taskforce. A decision by the Board of Education on whether to accept, modify or reject the Task Force recommendations on how to balance enrollment is expected to be made as early as October but no later than December, 2016.

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