Enrollment Balancing FAQ's

Why did the district establish a 2017-18 implementation timeline?

The process of moving students and families to new schools is taken very seriously. There are many factors to consider and the Board of Education and District Administration want to make sure the Enrollment Balancing Task Force has enough time to thoughtfully consider options with appropriate input before making a recommendation.

What information and resources will the task force use to guide its decisions?

The district continues to work with CG Schmidt (General Contractor), Eppstein Uhen and Associates (Architect), and the Applied Population Laboratory (Enrollment Projection Scenarios) at the University of Wisconsin. In addition, the Task Force will consider data such as home sales, new construction and school building capacity studies to guide its decisions.

How does the enrollment picture differ from that of five years ago when Hillside Elementary was closed?

In 2010-2011, the decision to close Hillside Elementary was made in 2010-11. At the time, total elementary enrollment was 2815 students. At the start of the 2015-2016 school year, enrollment totaled 2825, an increase of just 10 students from five years ago. Despite the small increase, two factors trigger a need to balance enrollment across the District.

1. The 2010 elementary enrollment included many non-resident students while today’s total is almost exclusively residents. This suggests there has been significant resident student growth in the past five years, a trend which may continue.

2. After Hillside was closed, students and families were redistricted somewhat evenly across the five remaining elementary schools. The recent resident growth has largely occurred within the Swanson Elementary and Brookfield Elementary school boundaries. This has created an imbalance in enrollment distribution across the district and some facility pressure at Swanson Elementary.

Will the Enrollment Balancing Task Force consider re-opening Hillside Elementary?

The Enrollment Balancing Task Force will consider all options as part of their work, including the possibility of re-opening Hillside Elementary School.