Task Force Membership

Charge of the Task Force

By December 1, 2016 present a recommendation to the Board of Education for balancing enrollment for the five elementary schools to determine school placements for students beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. This recommendation will also identify any deviations from the current feeder system from Elementary to Middle to High Schools.

This Task Force will use all data and information available; enrollment trends, housing data, birth and census information, residential housing developments, surveys, listening sessions and population trend predictions to inform its recommendation(s).

The following board-adopted critical success factors will guide the committee’s work:

  1. Develop new K-5 tract boundaries that balance enrollments across all five elementary schools
  2. Honor the current feeder path of families and students currently enrolled in the District from Elementary to Middle to High School
  3. Establish boundaries that will maintain stability for the next 5-10 years
Other success factors for the Board to consider (more controversial or interdependent - e.g. may not be able to reconcile 85% capacity and impact smallest number of families

  1. Enrollment recommendations do not exceed 85% of the school’s current capacity
  2. Impact the smallest number of families
  3. Provide for grandfathering of families, if possible and appropriate, to reduce the short-term impact on families
  4. To allow for the future growth of the District’s pre-school program which could be held at each elementary school
Requirements to be a Task Force Member
1. Compliance with application requirements
2. Agreement with time commitments for service to task force
3. Demonstrated willingness to be objective


Task Force Commission
The Enrollment Balancing Task Force will meet each month from March 1 - December 1, 2016


Board Members:
Jean Lambert – Board Member
Scott Wheeler – Board Member

Parent Representatives:
Franklin Onwubuariri – Dixon Elementary School
Bridget Mangan – No Students Currently in District
David Frank – Tonawanda Elementary and Pilgrim Park Middle School
Paul Neumeier – Swanson Elementary School
Thomas Schaefer – Brookfield Elementary School
John Schnabl – Swanson Elementary School and Wisconsin Hills Middle School
Jeff Wurster – Burleigh Elementary School
Sarah Sagert – Brookfield Elementary School
Silvia Pasquini – Dixon Elementary School
Stephen Taipala – Wisconsin Hills Middle School and Brookfield Central High School
Danny Thomas MD, MPH – Swanson Elementary School and Wisconsin Hills Middle School
Liz Zmuzinski – Wisconsin Hills Middle School and Brookfield Central High School
Karen Wolff – No Students Currently in District, Attend Private School
Heather Paradis – Tonawanda Elementary School
Bill Aslin – Brookfield East High School
Elmbrook School District Representatives:
Kori Hartman – Swanson Elementary School Principal
Jeanne Siegenthaler – Dixon Elementary School Principal
Daniel Westfahl – Brookfield Elementary School Principal
Lisa Rettler – Wisconsin Hills Middle School Principal
Andrew Farley – Brookfield East High School Principal

Ex Officio Members:
Lisa Mellone – Brookfield Central High School and City Alderperson
Mark Hansen – Superintendent

Advisory Members:
Various District Staff as Necessary