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Facility Planning Task Force

The Board of Education is creating a Facility Planning Task Force charged with studying the potential impact of enrollment trends and projections on current and future facilities. The task force will meet at least monthly from February to June and will make a final recommendation to the Board of Education at its meeting on July 9th.


Facility Task Force Membership


School(s) Affiliation

Stakeholder Role

Anthony Coraggio



Saima Akbar

Brk El, WHMS


Seth Hopfensberger

Brk El


Kelly Ebbole

Brk El


Sadia Ansari



Jordan Roberts



Tricia Rigg



Sherry Yang

Burleigh, PPMS


Franklin Onwubuariri

Dixon, WHMS

Parent, Staff

Jennifer Barbosa

Dixon, BEHS


Phil Birkland



Reema Banerjee



Jeff Miller


Parent, Staff

Beth Kimmel



Joseph Coffey



Natalie Schneider



Spencer Mayhew


Parent, Staff

Adam Rortvedt

Tonawanda, BEHS


Benedict Eruchalu



Stephen Taipala


Parent, Co-Chair

Martha Purnell



Panna Raikar



Leanne Wied


Community Member

Tom Gehl


Community Member

John Matthews


Community Member

Brett Netzel

Facility Mgr - PPMS, Dix,
Brk El, Swanson


Jeanne Siegenthaler

Principal of Dixon


Kristin Olson

Principal of Tonawanda


Scott Wheeler


Board Member, Co-Chair

Linda Boucher


Board Member

George Haas


Village of Elm Grove Board Trustee

Chris Blackburn


City of Brookfield Alderperson

Overview and Membership Lenses

Overview of the Task Force Membership Process

On January 3, 2019, the District sent out a direct email invitation to district families and staff to participate on a Facility Task Force. Additionally, a news post was placed on the District website inviting community members to also participate. January 11, 2019 was set as the deadline to submit interest, and 70 parents, staff members, and community members indicated their interest by submitting the online form. Then, district administrators and school board leaders met to assess interest and create a representative group of 30 District stakeholders by applying various lenses to the applicant pool. Finally, staff and board membership were determined, and one parent and one board member were asked to serve as co-chairs of the task force.

Membership Consideration Lenses

  • The membership proposal includes 3-4 representatives from each elementary school, anticipating the task force’s work understanding current enrollment projections and the impact on our elementary facilities.

  • The membership proposal includes representation from 9 of our 10 schools, with no interested applicants representing Fairview South.

  • The membership proposal contains three community members without children currently in our schools, including a former staff member and a former board member.

  • The membership proposal contains two members who are parents and serve our local governments, recognizing the important connection to facility planning and our community entities.

  • Three current staff members who are also parents are on the proposed membership list, offering the opportunity to provide dual perspectives to the task force.

  • Three staff members without children in our schools are also on the proposed membership list because of their leadership role in our District.

  • The membership proposal includes a balance of new families to the district, as well as families with students at multiple schools.

  • The proposed membership reflects a variety of professional backgrounds, interests, and experiences.

  • The proposed membership reflects the diversity of our community.

  • Two board members will serve on the task force

  • The co-chairs (one board member and one resident) will serve as liaisons to the Board of Education.

  • District leaders will serve as ex-officio members, providing support and facilitation to the task force’s work.

All members agreed to the task force membership requirements.

Criteria / Requirements

Requirements to be a Task Force Member:

  1. Compliance with the application materials.

  2. Agreement with time commitments for the service to the task force. (No less than five meetings from February to July. Each meeting will last about 2 hours.)

  3. Demonstrated willingness to be objective.

  4. Effectively prepares for each meeting as required.


  • 2 Board Members

  • Parent Representative(s) from each K-5 building

  • 3 District Staff

  • ExOfficio Members

  • Community Members (up to 3)

Report Requirements

  1. Inventory of existing district facilities and properties.

  2. Summary of enrollment trends and projections along with associated facility impact.

  3. Summary of facility considerations and recommendations including renovations, additions, replacement and relocatable considerations and recommendations.

  4. Summary of capital facilities financing plan.

  5. Summary of 4K impact on our K-5 facilities

Critical Success Factors

  1. Develop a master facility plan that responds to the new enrollment trends and projections for the next ten years.

  2. Establish school attendance boundary evaluation timeline depending upon needs.

  3. Operate as a fiscal steward to the community.

Meeting Dates

Task Force meeting dates are tentative, with a start time (most likely early evening for two hours) to be determined.

  • January 3, 2019 - Email blast and news post inviting task force membership applications

  • January 15, 2019 - Board of Education establishes Facility Planning Task Force

  • February 12, 2019 - Initial Convening of Facility Planning Task Force

  • March 5, 2019 - Facility Planning Task Force Meeting #2

  • April 2, 2019 - Facility Planning Task Force Meeting #3

  • May 7, 2019 - Facility Planning Task Force Meeting #4

  • June 4, 2019 - Facility Planning Task Force Meeting #5

  • July 9, 2019 - Facility Planning Task Force presents Facility Planning Report to the Board of Education

Facility Planning Updates

Community Members, please click the link above to create an account and select news category entitled "Facility Planning Updates".