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Parent Network Officers

2020-21 Parent Network Officers

President: Robyn Rubenstein
Vice President & Director of Events: Julia Warner
Treasurer: Heidi Kohler
Secretary: Christine Birt
Director of Communications: Liz Beaudoin
Director of Hospitality: Hashini Mitchell
Director of Elmbrook Parent Leadership Council (EPLC): Susan Koerner

Contact information: parentnetwork@elmbrookschools.org

Elmbrook Parent Network Leadership Council

Parent Network also oversees the Elmbrook Parent Leadership Council (EPLC), which facilitates communication between leaders of parent-led organizations, parents, teachers, district administration, the Board of Education and other interested persons. The council strives to provide leadership training to volunteers and to encourage volunteering at all levels within our schools. Each parent-led organization’s President is a member of the council. Vice Presidents and Executive board members are encouraged to join us. EPLC also sponsors Superintendent Chats and School Board candidates debate prior to elections.