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School-Based Exposure FAQs

  1. Why was a notification sent several days after the student was at school?
    Our process is reliant on the rate and pace at which we receive information from families and/or the local health department.
  2. Why is information from over the weekend only made available during the week?
    We send parent notifications on the first business day that we learn of the exposure. 
  3. Where did this exposure take place (in class, after school activity)?
    We are not contact tracing. We send school-based exposure notices to the families of any student who may have come in contact with the COVID-positive person based on their daily schedule - this includes all classmates and teammates.
  4. Is there any information about the COVID Positive student that can be shared?
    We do not share information regarding the COVID-positive student such as mask status, vaccination status, or identifiable information.
  5. Can my child use Zoom if I choose to self-quarantine?
    The Board of Education approved the Return to Learn Plan which created guidelines for extending one’s classroom virtually. Three types of absences will trigger virtual class participation via Zoom:
    1. Student absences due to COVID-positive or probable status
    2. Students in quarantine for a household covid exposure
    3. Students who are covid symptomatic for an extended period (2 or more days) of time 

If a family chooses to self-quarantine a child from a school-based exposure, they will have to work with their teacher(s) to access their classwork.

6. What is the school and district doing to protect our child and our family from further exposure?
The District is sharing pertinent and timely data on our District COVID Dashboard to help families make informed decisions regarding their child’s health and safety. 

7. Why isn't the District contact tracing this year? 
This change from contact tracing to school-based exposure notice was implemented late last spring when Waukesha County Health Dept abandoned close contact tracing and following an analysis of our District's data. Last year, we were only able to attribute 60 positive COVID cases to school-based exposure and we quarantined (out of school) over 3,000 students for an average of 4-7 days each. The resources needed to cohort, track with seating charts, and contact trace, did not match the benefit of detailed and specific exposure notice, especially considering the low amount of disease spread from school exposure. While the conditions this year do not exactly match last year's environment, particularly with masks recommended versus required, the District will closely monitor disease data and has proposed detailed contact tracing as one of the layers of mitigation should we move from a status of low transmission to high transmission. 

8. What should I do if I receive the exposure letter?
We encourage all families to reach out to their primary care provider for guidance on the best next steps for their family.

9. In mask optional classrooms, are masks required following a confirmed COVID case in the classroom?
In our mask optional classrooms, we do not require students to wear masks following a confirmed positive case in the classroom; rather, this decision is left to families to establish an approach with their children.