Special Education Program evaluation report: Dr. Elise Frattura conducted a comprehensive review of our special education services and provided the committee with her perspectives on the overall strengths of our programming and opportunities for growth and improvement. The district will reflect on these findings and create a formal process for synthesis and action planning in coming months. Please review the final documents below.

Vision & Mission

The vision of the School District of Elmbrook Special Education Engagement Network (SEEN) is that the district is a “best in class” community which Communicates effectively. Connects families to resources, information, education, and trainingOperates with consistency of educational philosophy across the districtStrives for student personal excellence and success through collaboration with families, schools, and community Mission

The mission of the Elmbrook Special Education Engagement Network (SEEN) is to advocate and support families of children with unique abilities and educational needs. This mission is accomplished by:

  • Collaborating with school district personnel a positive and supportive manner.
  • Participating as stakeholders in decision-making processes
  • Identifying parent members to represent each school in the Elmbrook School District
  • Providing opportunities for families to learn, network and share with other parents and guardians
  • Member involvement in community awareness projects

The Elmbrook SEEN is open to all parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and other interested parties. Get Involved! Building Representative Roles:

  • Create opportunities for parent leadership within your school and district.
  • Be resource for other parents by listening, sharing, etc.
  • Maintain contact with PTO and provide information on special education at regular PTO meetings (agenda)
  • Attend S.E.E.N quarterly meetings when possible
  • Advise District representatives of issues or trends Assist in getting word out to parents as needed