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The Elmbrook Promise is the District’s commitment to offering students the opportunity to access 30 college credits before graduation through an extensive list of Advanced Placement courses, on-campus dual credit courses, off-campus options through Dual Credit Academies, the Early College Credit Program, or Start College Now. College credit courses range from Firefighting to Teacher Methods to Accounting. These are the stories of our alumni and current students as they benefit from the District’s Promise and strive to Become What’s Next.


renae higgins

When Renae Higgins (Brookfield Central ‘23) began her college education in the Fall of 2023, she may have been new to her campus but she was just two credits shy of Junior status at UW-Milwaukee. By taking advantage of the Elmbrook Promise, which strives to make at least 30 college credits available to every Elmbrook student before graduation, Renae had a total of 54 credits toward her degree, which will vastly speed up her path to a degree in Art Education.

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