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Capital Projects

The District has a 10-year Capital Funding plan in which we have identified over $50M in projects to be completed over a ten year period. These projects are prioritized and placed on the plan by year. The Capital Funding plan is continuously updated as funding, priorities and projects change. Projects that have outside funding support can be brought forward to the Finance and Operations Committee to be considered for inclusion into the plan. We encourage outside groups to work through their building principal to develop the scope of the project along with funding commitments for proposal to the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services. Senior Leaders then determine whether or not to bring the proposal to the F&O Committee for consideration.

Recent Projects

Brookfield Central Pool: Expected Completion Fall 2022
Brookfield Central Pool Locker Rooms: Expected Completion Fall 2022
Brookfield Central Library Renovation: Expected Completion Fall 2022
Brookfield Elementary Library Renovation: Expected Completion Fall 2022
Burleigh Elementary Tennis Courts: Expected Completion Fall 2022

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A Look at the Long Range Capital Plan